Trisha Paytas Getting Married In A Week, Jason Nash Still Single

Trisha Paytas, who has been the talk of the YouTube community since the start of 2019, just dropped another bomb. Trisha Paytas recently tried coming out as transgender but most of the transgender community and LGBTQ+ community believed she was trolling them. Finally, when people thought she will take a break and enjoy her Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas, Trisha Paytas just announced she is finally getting married. And we are just wondering, why is Jason Nash still single?

Summarizing the previous bombs, Trisha Paytas had a feud with David Dobrik, broke up with Jason Nash, went to a psychiatric hospital. However, her life kept testing her. She, finally, got over Jason Nash and started her The Heartbreak Tour. But then she started missing him again and kept thinking about him. Then Trisha Paytas hooked up with Aaron Carter and shared an engagement captioned pic with him. But later deleted it, because, well, Aaron Carter said so. Meanwhile, her fan following kept dropping.

Trisha Paytas Is Going To Be Mrs. Who On November 1

Like, honestly, we are still confused about what is happening and how is it happening so soon. Trisha Paytas shared this video on her YouTube channel blndsundoll4mj, sharing receipts that she is finally getting married. Now, she is a sharp woman as she knew people will not believe her unless she shares the receipts. So, Trisha Paytas’ wedding date is November 1, 2019. She shared the confirmatory emails from her hotel and the chapel. And damn, she is also receiving her wedding accessories already. Trisha has a white-colored double-garter. She also has a customized Starbucks cup with Mrs. ___ written on it. Obviously, she is hiding the name of the person from all the emails and even the cup.  She is also moving in with her husband in a new house within two weeks (one week after the marriage).

Just thinking, what is Jason Nash doing right now. Has he joined Tinder? Is he really seeing someone? Oh and though we do not know who the guy is, Trisha Paytas kept talking about the person as “They” and “Them”. Interesting…right?

Who Is The Lucky-Or-Lucky Guy? Fan Theories

Well, Trisha Paytas’ true fans must be wondering who is the lucky guy. While, the rest of the followers, but not really fans, are wondering if this is another clickbait. And for various reasons, they believe the guy will not really be a lucky guy. In fact, fans are sharing their theories when it comes to guessing who the guy is.

This one thinks she’ll be already getting divorced.

Ahum! Well, while some people believe that she might be ruining Shane Dawson’s makeup launch party by getting married on the same day as his launch. However, others believe she might be getting married to the Shane Dawson Conspiracy makeup palette.

Someone pointed out that she is wearing a ring she found in her hoarded living room. And we believe that she might be pulling a real-marriage prank like Cancelled podcast host and Jake Paul.

Keemstar’s Belief

Since Keemstar always keeps a check on Trisha Paytas for unknown reasons, he believes Trisha Paytas’ wedding is with Aaron Carter.

But Aaron Carter claims he is alone and he has never been happier. It is all a clusterf***.

Why Is Jason Nash Still Single?

Wish someone could call him on a podcast and ask him this question. He is still single and enjoying his life shooting pranks with the Vlog Squad. Jason Nash picked his side and that was David Dobrik’s side. Apparently, Jason Nash is married to the Vlog Squad. We also wish we could see him as a bridesmaid at Trisha Paytas’ wedding.

Trisha Paytas Starting A Podcast Of Her Own

While the video just confirms the podcast name is PodcastOne, Trisha Paytas is starting her podcast soon and she has already shot the first video apparently. Trisha shared the news on her Instagram story. And she will be using the hashtag #dishwithtrish . Well, it comes out on November 1 as well. Is it a coincidence that the podcast launch date matches Trisha Paytas wedding date as well?

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