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Trisha Paytas: ‘Gabbie Hanna-Gabi Feud To Promote Blood Queens?’

Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna feud has taken the Youtube community by storm. It’s probably one of those moments where the internet is unanimously taking Paytas’ side against the other. I mean, the woman pissed everyone off by marrying a Brad Pitt cutout.  So far, we know that Gabi Demartino admitted to lying about what she said about Trisha to Gabbie Hanna. Gabi was siding with Paytas and then suddenly switched to Gabbie Hanna’s side after she claimed to be blackmailed by Trisha.

Paytas took notice of this and responded immediately on her social media:

Moreover, Paytas explains that even though she was angry with her tone, she was not blackmailing anyone. She was just saying it all to make her point in order for Gabi D to understand why it’s not okay to lie about someone else. Gabi D was trying to justify it by saying she was doing it to protect Paytas but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Gabbie Hanna and Gabi Demartino Fueled Drama to Just Promote Their Projects?

Trisha Paytas also made a 40-minute video where she defended herself and stated she was not blackmailing anyone. Moreover, she also finds the whole incident to be quite fishy. To her, it seems like something Gabi and Gabbie both orchestrated to market Gabi’s show Blood Queens. Some even say that they did it to promote their new podcast show.

This is like this literally feels contrived Mean Girls and I said that to her. So I don’t know this whole thing felt weird it’s just so weird – then there’s the show that I did that web series, blood queens. They posted something immediately and said there was a rewrite. And now that show’s even better. And we’re rewriting based off this drama like it’s really weird that they just were able to rewrite us so quickly. The whole thing gives me just really – really bad vibes. It’s like really scary.

For those of you don’t know, Blood Queens is a Halloween series that happens each October. It’s basically a spin-off to Scream Queens and it stars Youtubers Gabriella (Gabi) DeMartino and her sister Alessandra DeMartino.

In the recent episode, Trisha Paytas was starring in it. She says that she had a great time on the show. Though, it’s also the show’s set where the whole drama occurred. But noting the fact that the Blood Queens team was so quickly inspired to change their story right after this real-life drama occurred, this theory isn’t too shocking.

Gabi and Gabbie Hanna Podcast Promotion?

After Gabi took a 180 degrees turn and took Hanna’s side against Trisha, it was revealed Gabi was Facetiming for Hanna’s podcast and explain everything.

Paytas was especially confused at this and some fans have even pointed out that this apparent drama is just a marketing stunt:

We’re not sure if this was an odd marketing attempt or not but YouTubers are known to create drama out of nowhere just to promote something. Just look at KSI and Logan Paul match or even the Paul brothers feud amongst themselves. By the end of the day, the matches ultimately led to an event where the YouTubers gained money, more exposure, and recognition.

Personally, I think that it may have started out that way but at one point it got out of control.

Paytas Calls Gabbie Evil

In her 40 minute video, Trisha Paytas keeps saying that she thinks Gabbie Hanna is evil and manipulative. Her last remarks hold a message directly to Gabbie Hanna. Paytas warned Hanna that nothing good comes from lying about other people and making stories where there aren’t any:

Gabbie Hanna, you are actually evil and actually scary. And I pray for your well-being that something serious does not happen in the sense of you getting in trouble – like talking about blackmail about people or like lying on people. When you lie on people like that can get you in a lot of trouble. I pray that never happens to you because the way you talk about and exaggerate stories about other people like exaggerated lies on yourself while you want to make yourself seen the victim or make yourself seem more dramatic than you are but the minute you do that to someone else in their situation, nothing good comes from that. Don’t ever say I blackmailed someone don’t ever say that that’s a very serious offense.

Paytas also further pointed out that despite the internet disliking her a lot, they were still taking Paytas’s side against Hanna:

Gabbie look at the video look at the comments as much as people hate me people dislike you ten times more because you take absolutely no accountability for who you are and all the evil you’ve done to people and the reason people don’t mess with you anymore.

Stay tuned for more updates on this complicated drama. We know one thing for sure. Trisha Paytas has finally made a video on her kitchen floor as she departs from her current home.


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