Trisha Paytas is finally ending their ‘My Chemical Imbalance’ podcast

A year ago, Trisha Paytas started their own podcast called My Chemical Imbalance. Although it began as an ASMR account, they started discussing mental health issues on their podcast. However, they recently announced that the podcast is ending. The decision comes after Paytas faced tons of backlash. It all began when they had a fight with Ethan Klein and appeared on Keemstar podcast. At the same time, their fiancé, Moses Hacmon faced SA allegations. On the other hand, Paytas was accused of making false allegations against their high school teacher. Since then, things have been bad for the YouTuber.

In June 2021, Frenemies ended and trouble began for Trisha Paytas

After a feud, Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas formed an alliance. The podcast Frenemies was the result of it. For almost a year, both YouTubers got along just fine. However, it was inevitable that they would end up fighting again. Before the fallout, Klein and his family got a shock when Paytas began dating Hila’s brother, Moses. Shortly after, they got engaged. Despite it being obvious that Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein hated each other, they gave ownership dispute the reason to quit. In June, they quit the podcast but kept the drama alive.

Few months back, Klein exposed Paytas for lying about SA in high school

In a tweet, Ethan Klein claimed that the allegations Trisha Paytas made about their high school teacher were false. According to Paytas, one of their teachers s**ually assaulted them and another classmate. At the same time, they claimed that the teacher was sent to jail for child p**ography possession. However, there is no concrete evidence or news report about it. There is not even a police report. Therefore, Klein deleted the podcast episode where these allegations were made. Following this, Trisha Paytas faced a lot of backlashes. This resulted in them deleting almost 1300 videos from YouTube. Similarly, brands and collaborators cut ties with them.

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Due to criticism, Trisha Paytas has decided to end My Chemical Imbalance

Trisha Paytas Is Finally Ending Their 'My Chemical Imbalance' Podcast

Initially, Trisha Paytas made the account for their ASMR videos. However, they converted into a mental health podcast called My Chemical Imbalance. According to Paytas, they’re diagnosed with BPD and take therapy for it. In one episode of the podcast, they claimed that they’re a non-binary, bipolar, schizophrenic with no identity. Similarly, they have discussed issues like eating disorders, splitting, and parasocial relationships. As of today, My Chemical Imbalance has 50.3k subscribers. However, Trisha Paytas is saying goodbye to it all. In the latest episode, they said:

This is, honestly, going to be my last one because I don’t feel motivated to do much these days. Its mostly out of anxiety.

As is the norm with Trisha Paytas, they might not be ending the podcast for good. It is a possibility that they return after just a few days. So, let’s see how many days they can stay away from posting.

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