Trisha Paytas Finally Does the Bratz Challenge

Trisha Paytas did a video with her makeup artist Adam Simmons who helps transform Trisha into a Bratz doll for the challenge.

The popular and controversial YouTuber Trisha Paytas is here with a makeup tutorial along with her makeup artist Adam Simmons. And this is no ordinary tutorial or makeover! Simmons will transform Trisha into a Bratz doll for the challenge. Although the Bratz Doll challenge is quite dead now, Trisha still feels like giving it a shot! And that’s because Trisha believes being outdated is kind of her thing. Previously, she turned quite a few heads as she called out David Dobrik and vlog squad in a video. But she later apologized for it. And now we are all wondering if she broke up with Jason Nash?

Though, Trisha Paytas is venturing into the beauty community of YouTube in hopes of trying to reach a new demographic. She asked her audience to give her feedback on how her Bratz challenge was. If there’s a positive response, she might be starting a new channel dedicated to new make-up looks!

Trisha Paytas and Adam Simmons do a Bratz Doll Makeover Tutorial

As per Trisha’s wish, Simmons was ready to transform her into Bratz for a video tutorial. Previously, other makeup artists of the YouTuber were very particular about not being filmed while they do her makeup. But Simmons literally could not just care less. And for this new look, Trisha even requested some special demands like she wanted bigger lips and a smaller nose.

For the Bratz Doll Challenge, Adam Simmons claimed he did not have a lot of experience. Previously, he had done it only on himself. So, he began by sketching the look for Trisha Paytas. During the tutorial, Paytas expressed how one day she would like him to give her a plastic surgery look with makeup. And that included getting a nose job and cheek implants. The two also discussed the possibilities of having a makeup tutorial series, and there was quite some discussion on picking out a name for it.

Next up, we saw Adam Simmons play around with makeup and stuff to actually transform Trisha Paytas into a Bratz doll. While she chatted about literally everything, he displayed the products he was using for anyone to copy. However, the end look turned out to be pretty amazing, and Trisha did really look like a Bratz replica.

You can watch the full tutorial here.

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Trisha Paytas is an America media personality,artist and actress. She has appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, Double Divas and Wander Lust.

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