Trisha Paytas Faces Backlash As She Pretends To Be Transgender

Trisha Paytas is trending on Twitter and we were surprised to find her trending. Not because she was trending for the first time, but because all the posts appearing were kind-of anti-Trisha Paytas. So, I tried digging in and found out there is a new video by Trisha Paytas on YouTube. Now that’s a video no one was expecting from her even after all the videos we have seen from her in 2019. The video is titled “I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)“. And fans are not happy with her choice of words.

Trisha Paytas Is A Transgender? WTF?

That WTF represents the current mood of all the people who have watched that video, or are currently watching the video. Even Jason Nash, David Dobrik & The Vlog Squad would be equally confused and disturbed after this video.

I’m going to be doing a video that people might think I’m trying to be offensive.

Trisha Paytas claims she has felt like this for a long time, even before she started dating Jason Nash. It was in 2018 when she made a video where she just wanted to be referred to as “T” only. She didn’t feel like she can be identified as a girl. Though Trisha was born as a female and she is ultra-girly now. But back in the days, she was teased a lot because she looked like a boy. She had hair on her lips and face. (Well, all mammals have that issue). Trisha Paytas is now all about showing off her breasts and lady-private parts. However, she did not like attention from the grown people during her puberty days.

I identify with men better.

Trisha claims that she does not have many girlfriends because, though she loves girls, she identifies herself as a gay-man. She likes guys but she also identifies herself as a guy. In her head, she feels like she is a transgender female to male. And she is also a drag queen. (This is getting pretty confusing now).

Is She Really Transgender Or Just Confused?

We do not really have an answer at the moment. One thing is for sure though, she is not transgender. (Not yet at least). 

I don’t like to be center of attention except when I want to be center of attention.

And she thinks that quality makes her a drag queen. She dresses up with heavy makeup and hair as well as heavy dresses when she performs. But she stays casual normally. Moreover, Trisha Paytas also claims she has always been attracted to gay guys. Straight guys turn her off. (It’s confusing AF, Jason Nash was straight...right?). Well, she also says that the transgender community calls to her and she loves the transgender community. She has come out as gay before and she has come out as bisexual before as well. This is something new & shocking though.

People Call Trisha Paytas Disrespectful

Many people are reacting to the video and they do not like the video at all. In fact, the video has 15k dislikes and only 5k likes right now.

Some people are calling her disrespectful and even called her for her clickbait-y titles.

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