Trisha Paytas faces backlash for making OnlyF*ns video with pregnant Lena

Cases of c*ronavirus in the US are about to hit 4 million. However, some people are still not following the SOPs to keep themselves and others protected. Take Karens for example. They will not wear a mask and will do anything to test the patience of others. Even famous YouTuber Jake Paul was declared a male Karen recently when he kept throwing parties. One of his friends, Tanner Fox, was tested positive for the virus. And the response from Jake Paul was kind of predictable. Anyways, recently Trisha Paytas shot a threes*me video for her OnlyF*ns with Lena & Adam22 of NoJumper Podcast. Lena is pregnant and fans are not liking the recent content updates from her.

Trisha Paytas, Lena, and Adam22 are a throuple now?

The ‘throuple’ shot Trisha Paytas’s first threes*me video just a couple of days ago. The theme of the video includes two girls and a pizza delivery guy. That could have selected any other role-playing gig but seems like the typical pizza them was “IT” for them.

Anyways, Trisha Paytas and Lena have been releasing teasers of their throuple act since the day it was filmed. And there are mixed reactions from everyone. Mostly negative, since Lena is pregnant and the fans think she shouldn’t risk the baby’s health at all by indulging in a threes*me act. Not only that, but they also brought up the past allegations that Trisha Paytas might’ve STDs or chlamydia (the rumor that started the Gabbie Hanna feud), and that can hurt the baby.

Some also think Trisha Paytas is a “drama queen” and Lena should stay away from the “negative energy”. Now, these people are surely not following Trisha Paytas this year because she is mostly making sense in 2020. In fact, one of their Instagram stories went viral which was filmed after the 18+ OnlyF*ns video. In the video, Adam22 made a joke that it wasn’t a threes*me. Instead, it was a fours*me. And Trisha Paytas warned him this joke will get him canceled. But she laughed at it. (sickening joke TBH). Some fans also highlighted that it was sarcasm, something Lena’s fans comment under her posts whenever she talks about threes*me.

Backlash & response

The internet has reacted to the joke, as well as the content. The video is supposed to be released today on Trisha Paytas’s and Lena’s personal adult content pages. This is not their first OnlyF*ns collaboration. However, last time, it was just Trisha Paytas and Lena. People are already reacting to the threes*me video.

People also called their inner Gabbie Hanna and started throwing STD tag at Trisha.


There were so many hate comments that Trisha Paytas posted a number of tweets to address everything.

Lena has also confirmed that tests were done before shooting the video.

Trisha has yet to address Jeffree Star’s public apology video. She is only promoting her OF video. And how people are reacting to David Dobrik’s Iron Man suit.

Trisha also shared her recent test results to confirm that she is clear of any STD or c*vid. What do you think of this whole situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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