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Trisha Paytas exposes Jason Nash’s “smug” text to his alleged girlfriend & “false promise of marriage”

If 2019 was the worst year for Trisha Paytas, the famous YouTuber and singer, then 2021 is totally going to be her best year. Two years back, Trisha had to go through a non-consensual breakup with Jason Nash, a Vlog Squad member. She blamed David Dobrik for being one of the many reasons for their breakup. The breakup took a toll on her. However, the circumstances have changed now. Trisha is playing a vital role in the recent David Dobrik scandal. And that’s not all. She has also exposed Jason Nash for making false promises to his alleged girlfriend.

Trisha Paytas exposes Jason Nash’s “smug” texts to his alleged girlfriend

In her recent video on her second YouTube channel, Trisha Paytas addressed Jeff Wittek’s video where he held himself accountable. She is in contact with Jeff now, and they have been discussing their personal traumatic experiences. In the same video, Trisha also exposed Jason Nash in what seems to be a “smug” gesture from his side.

Trisha confirmed that she was recently approached by someone who was/is involved with Jason Nash. However, she has used the term as “one of the girls he has been hooking up with.” Trisha kept her identity anonymous, but she confirmed that the girl is 23 years old at the moment, and she was 21 when she first met Jason Nash. The same day last week, when Jason Nash texted Trisha Paytas, he texted his alleged girlfriend an hour back.

An hour before he texted me, he said I’m gonna text my ex.

Trisha Paytas said that she knows the credibility of this information because of the private nature of such events. The time stamps on the “girlfriend’s” text and the texts Trisha received add up. However, Trisha did not show those texts in the said video. She has now exposed these texts on her Twitter account.

In the video, she said:

He thinks that…Jason calls me and texts me, and I’m gonna go: “oh my god! Jason finally acknowledged me. forget what I said. I’ll stop coming for you and calling people out. I’m so sorry. Thank God you texted. This is all over now. Praise Jason”. That infuriated me even more than the red heart. [in his text]

Calling out her ex-boyfriend’s false promise of marriage as “manipulative and toxic.”

Trisha Paytas said she was disgusted by Jason Nash’s “manipulative and toxic” nature. Talking about Jason’s alleged new girlfriend, Trisha said she felt for her and what that girl was going through.

I’m not trying to be like let me pile on this hate thing. I was like, girl! if it’s meant to be it’ll work out. Because I don’t know what their chances are. If it’s meant to be it’ll work out. If it’s not, you’ll find someone so much better.

Trisha Paytas also added that she saw so much of herself in that young girl. Because the girlfriend claimed that “he” said they would get married when she turned 26. Jason Nash’s alleged girlfriend is 23, while Jason is turning 48 this year.

I don’t want to share too many personal details but she was like yeah we’re going to get married. And she’s like I was in love with this person.

Trisha said that using the girl’s age as an excuse to delay the marriage is a manipulative and toxic gesture.

you’re a piece of sh*t.

The issue with the society

She also highlighted the issue with the society that still prevails in the world. Trisha Paytas said that it’s not the girl’s fault if she is too young and she’s dating a guy 10+ years older than her. The adult should know better. She said that the age gap gives power and manipulation to the guy. Talking from her personal experience, Trisha said that the brain is not fully developed even when you’re 18. And that’s why people can manipulate you at that age pretty easily.

Trisha Paytas further added that there’s still time for the rest of the Vlog squad, including Jason Nash, to come forward and hold themselves accountable for the wrong-doings. People learn and grow from their mistakes. However, the silent Vlog Squad members should not expect their fans to accept them without accountability.

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