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Trisha Paytas Exposes Jason Nash As A Cheater

Can you trust screenshots these days? With the developments in editing tools, anyone can change or forge a screenshot. Trisha Paytas and Nikocado Avocado had a screenshots related feud a few days back. And the upcoming feud is expected to be between Trisha Paytas and none-other-than-her-very-own-and-beloved-ex-boyfriend; Jason Nash. Trisha Paytas, Computer Programmer (details at the end of the article) and a YouTuber, has recently exposed Nash as a cheater.

What? The Perfect Jason Nash Is A Cheater?

The break up with Jason Nash has been really hard on Trisha Paytas. Experiencing mental hospital, opioid addiction confession, meth confession, all of these were not doing good to her mental health already. The cherry on the top; she received screenshots from a girl showing Jason Nash allegedly cheating on Trisha Paytas a few months back. And guess what, it was twice at least. Paytas has not exactly told what the messages entailed. However, it clearly depicted Jason Nash was cheating on her with other girl/girls. And those messages were sent to the girls from Nash’s old number which he still uses. In now-deleted tweets, she said she is moving on and she will not make another video about this issue.

Paytas took it to her Instagram stories where she confirmed she has found the closure she needed to move on with her life. It was hard for her to get over Jason Nash but now that she knows he was cheating on her, she will not be worried over him anymore.

So, you all remember that guy that I thought was so great? It’s like I finally had a good boyfriend. He was so loyal and wonderful. Turns out, I just got text messages sent with his old phone number, the phone number he had the whole time we were dating, of him cheating on me. Not once, but twice, and maybe more times than that. So, suffice to say, I f****** hate cheaters more than anything in the whole world. I actually didn’t lose anything because that’s f****** creep and a f****** pervert anyways. So f****** good riddance, I can finally free myself.

Trisha Paytas Has Moved On…Literally

Since Paytas has already dealt with cheaters in the past, she has finally moved on with her life and got over Jason Nash pretty quick after the big reveal. Trisha Paytas is all excited for her The Heartbreak Tour-Dallas which starts on July 27, 2019. People are already excited for her tour and her tickets are selling out quick.

The tickets start at $29.99 whereas super VIP pass costs $599.99. The super VIP pass includes a backstage tour with Trisha, private meet & greet, a cent-percent confirmed Instagram story featuring you, some photographs and selfies, VIP Glitter Bitch Box (hopefully something interesting instead of those glittery popcorns),  exclusive laminates and posters. Oh, and in case if you are a super VIP pass holder and you get late to the event, forget the private meet & greet and other related perks.

P.S. she has not addressed her face smashing a deep dish pizza video at all. Paytas posted a video on her YouTube channel where she just kept smashing her face on deep dish pizzas. Strange!

Trisha Paytas Is On

As a part of her getting-over-Jason-Nash thingy, Trisha Paytas has registered herself on She is looking for some dates with guys and she is already receiving a good response. Paytas shared some responses on her Instagram stories, including a marriage proposal from a guy. Nice progress. And surprised to say this is the first time I found out her real name is Patricia. Apparently, her profile represents her as Patricia. (one of the messages she received on addressed her by that name. I might be wrong so consider this an assumption instead of a fact). 

Interestingly, people asked her about her real name a few years back and she just said…It’s Trisha.

A Random Prediction

In 2020, Trisha Paytas will be shooting a video featuring her new boyfriend, in collaboration with Jason Nash. The title will be something like “Who knows me better? (Boyfriend Vs. Ex-Boyfriend) *Awkward Again*.” It will be like history repeating itself. Last time it was Jason Nash and Sean Van Der Wilt. Where she kept ignoring Jason Nash(Boyfriend) and she was too busy having fun with Sean (Ex-Boyfriend). One of the most liked comments on the video said:

If her and Jason ever broke up I’d love to see him and Sean do a kitchen floor video together.

Another random prediction, she might start Trisha Paytas, The Computer Programmer thing again. As a computer programmer, Trisha Paytas used to write some codes for her dad.

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