Trisha Paytas’ Experience Of Psychiatric Hold In A Mental Hospital

Trisha Paytas opens up about her experience in the mental hospital during her psychiatric hold after her break up with Jason Nash.

Trisha Paytas is not just launching her very own Glitter Bitch Box today. She has also discussed her experience when she was on a Psychiatric Hold In A Mental Hospital. She has been leaving hints about her visit to the mental hospital since the day she discussed her break up with Jason Nash; the mother elephant in the room. Today, she decided to discuss her experience of the state mental hospital in detail; the baby elephant in the room.

Why Paytas Was Admitted In The Mental Hospital?

Trisha Paytas was declared as 5150. The literal definition is:

5150 refers to the California law code for the temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others due to signs of mental illness. It has been more generally applied to people who are considered threateningly unstable or “crazy.”

So, Paytas was declared 5150 due to her accidental suicide attempt she didn’t mean to do. As far as her experience goes, it was pretty traumatic. She felt out of her mind and out of her control. Paytas was strapped down on a gurney in front of Jason Nash and one of his friends.  She was admitted on February 6 for a 48 hours hold and discharged on February 8. The hospital staff checked on her every 15 minutes. In the hospital’s suggested aftercare, she is prohibited to own a gun for 5 years, she’s recommended a national suicide prevention hotline, food, and medicines interactions, etc. etc.

Trisha Paytas’ Explains Her Experience

Paytas is currently on recovery mode and she is sober from the last 2 weeks. But the experience of a mental hospital is still fresh in her mind. The next day she woke up in the hospital after being admitted, Jason Nash was gone. He stayed overnight when she was admitted but left the next morning. So she called him.

I should be sober. Drugs should be out of my system. But I’m freaking hysterical and they’re about to come take me now and I’m calling him like where are you. I am yelling at him as if that’s gonna fix anything.

He was at his friend’s house filming etc. So Paytas got upset and she started to cry and got uncontrollable due to which she was put in restraints again.

I was feeling like Hannibal Lector.

So, she was taken from the emergency room to the mental hospital. Where she had to surrender her clothes and her phone and she was given scrubs to wear. She wrote down her mum’s number and Jason Nash’s number for the emergency contacts. She was only carrying that paper with emergency numbers and a note from Jason Nash which he wrote when he was in the hospital with her.

The hospital was very small. The washroom was co-ed and Trisha Paytas did not like the idea at all:

I think unstable women should not be with unstable men and vice versa. Some people are in their right state of mind and some are not. Not to judge we are all there for a reason obviously.

She met a fangirl in there but she couldn’t really bond with her because Paytas was on edge and it was making her uncomfortable. The receptionist was rude and she straight away told Paytas that she won’t get any special treatment just because she is a celebrity. She was allowed one call the first day so she called Jason Nash and asked him for some clothes and blanket and pillow, which he brought in a few hours.

Trisha Paytas’ Mental Hospital Bag Was Packed By Jason Nash

Paytas had a bright pink bag which Jason Nash brought her in the hospital. The bag had a safety blanket, few of Jason Nash shirts (not his merch ones, his actual ones), some hoodies she wasn’t allowed to wear cause they had strings, socks, and some snacks. Paytas loved that blanket and she still uses it to this day. She says she feels an odd comfort when she cuddles with that blanket.

Nash stayed for an hour and a half. He gave Paytas a lot of hugs but then he had to leave. She went to her room but couldn’t sleep cause the constant pacing of the staff was creeping her out. So she read the letter Nash wrote and it cheered her up. However, she hasn’t disclosed the contents of the letter.

Day 2 | Blood Work & Classes

The next day, they poked her with the needles for some blood work. She then waited for the classes. Paytas says the instructors in the hospitals weren’t really professionals as everyone waited for the doctors. She didn’t even think they were therapists. The staff was aggressive and they weren’t really hearing stories of patients in the class. She finally met her doctor who was cool enough. The doctor didn’t prescribe her anything and told her she was being kept as due diligence. She was upgraded to level 2 which is apparently a good thing since she got access to the cafeteria. Her family visited her in the evening.

Later, the rude receptionist changed Trisha Paytas’ room on her request because the lady next door was constantly hacking. The new room was peaceful enough for her to sleep for a bit. She was released earlier the next day.

Trisha Paytas believes people should not judge others with mental illnesses as everyone has mental issues. She is also working on her book which will be released as soon as she is fully recovered.

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