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Trisha Paytas & Ethan Klein raise $43K+ for RAINN to support survivors of s*xual violence

No one thought that Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein would become so successful together after starting their Frenemies podcast. However, it happened and their podcast has become one of the most loved podcasts on YouTube. They are soon to become an official family and we are happy as well as excited for Trisha’s marriage. While these BFFs are enjoying their family time, they are also raising awareness and supporting the survivors of s*xual violence. They have also started a campaign to raise funds for RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-s*xual violence organization.


Recently, Vlog Squad has been under fire for s*xual allegations after Insider covered Durte Dom (Dominykas Zeglaitis) alleged victim’s story. Trisha and Ethan called out Jeff Wittek & David Dobrik for their first apologies. David’s second apology was a bite better than his first one. However, both of these apologies are still on YouTube.

On the other hand, Jeff Wittek realized his first accountability video was not right. He tried to protect his friends and indirectly ended up discrediting the publisher who reported the story of Hannah [victim]. Jeff was also a part of one of Frenemies’ podcast where some thought-provoking questions were asked by Ethan and Trisha. After the podcast, Jeff Wittek took his time to reflect on his video and he realized he should delete that. He recorded and shared a new apology video which was pretty honest and everyone really appreciated his efforts to come forward without worrying about the consequences.

Towards the end of his apology video, Jeff Wittek confirmed that he is donating to RAINN and asked his viewers to do the same. That is, either to donate to RAINN or any other organization working for survivors of s*xual violence. Ethan Klein reacted to Jeff’s apology video with his wife, Hila Klein during H3 After Dark podcast. He also announced that he is donating to RAINN.

Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein’s campaign for RAINN

Ethan Klein started off the fundraiser for RAINN by donating $10,000. The target of the campaign was set at $20,000. Following him, Trisha Paytas also donated $10,100 for the campaign. Since the target was achieved by these two donations, they confirmed that this way their fans would not feel compelled to donate to reach a certain target.

Today, Ethan announced on Twitter that they have raised $42,108 for their RAINN campaign.

RAINN is a national network of volunteers devoted to helping survivors of s*xual assault, and their loved ones. As of now, Frenemies has raised $43,140. You can follow the link to donate.

S*xual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

Since April is S*xual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, RAINN has also arranged information, social media posts, planning tips and graphics.

You can follow this link to know more about SAAPM, #ConsentRules, Denim Day and RAINN Day.

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