Trisha Paytas & Elijah Daniel | Extra Spice In The Reality House Season 2

Kian Lawley & JC Caylen, the famous YouTubers, started a Big-Brother based reality show titled The Reality House. Season 1 was launched a month back approximately. And it became so famous that Kian n JC are already shooting The Reality House season 2. In fact, they have revealed the contestants for the current season already. The show is being shot these days and Kian Lawley & JC Caylen are already upping the game with a surprise. Four dramatic and most-entertaining contestants from The Reality House season 1 are joining the 12 contestants of the Reality House season 2. And guess what, these four contestants include Elijah Daniel & Trisha Paytas.

Trisha Paytas & Elijah Daniel Are Back In The Game

The four additional veterans joining the Reality House Season 2 are Trisha Paytas, Elijah Daniel, Sarah Baska, and Dominic DeAngelis. This is definitely going to raise the bar for season 2 as there are 16, not 12 contestants. Having so many controversial and dramatic YouTubers under one roof is going to be very, very entertaining. Elijah Daniel has been hitting on The Cancelled podcast host lately. But, he sister-zoned her later. Now, TM’s BFF Imari is in the show.

On the other hand, having Lena the plug and Trisha Paytas together, that sight will be worth watching. In fact, we hope they both end up as roommates.

Elijah Daniel and Imari should share the room as well. If Kian Lawley & JC Caylen are looking for some drama, this should be it. In fact, they also had it planned already because this plan already shows 4 people in hiding.

The Reality House Season 2- Surprise Contestants Share Warnings

Kian n JC are the real magicians of YouTube. They are not spilling many details about the Reality House season 2. However, they do know how to create the hype for their upcoming show.

Our contestants don’t know, but we have 4 veterans on the way to The Reality House AS WE SPEAK to stir shit up. Meet our 4 contestants from season 1, ready to fight their way back into the house.

Whereas; Trisha Paytas, Elijah Daniel, Sarah Baska, and Dominic DeAngelis are set to turn the tables.

Dom also shared a clip of them on their way to The Reality House for season 2 shooting.

If you are wondering why Kian Lawley & JC Caylen have Elijah Daniel in the show again, here is your answer:

Trisha Paytas is not posting teasers from the Reality House season 2. Probably she is out of the show already, unlike Season 1. Let’s wait for more updates.

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