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Trisha Paytas drags Nikocado Avocado & Stephanie Soo

Once again we have Trisha Paytas weighing in on the entire Nikocado Avocado-Stephanie Soo feud. Earlier though, Paytas has spoken up in neutrality. However, this time, she has formed a seriously savage opinion on the situation. And she dragged both the parties. Read on to find out what she had to say.

Trisha calls Stephanie Soo ‘manipulative’

In her new video, while eating food and more food, Trisha said all she wanted to. First, she called out Stephanie Soo emphasizing that she cannot stand her. There was a lot of negative talk for Soo.

First of all, bitch, this situation is triggering you so much… It’s giving you so much anxiety and PTSD which alot of us really f***** deal with on a day-to-day.

You don’t spend five days editing a f***** video and clips, as if it’s your true crime series thing with clips and quotes of what a manipulator is and going through their text messages.

That’s the craziest shit I’ve ever seen.

She continued to say that the idea of merch was also silly. Not only that, she went on to say that Stephanie Soo is scary and “full of shit.”

Nikocado also gets called out

Then it was Nikocado’s turn to get dragged. Trisha Paytas was in the mood to be straightforward and savage. He was mentioned by her for “doing some sneaky shit.”

“Nick you’re a good person but shame on you, for leaking those text messages, damn.

If people flake on you, suck that shit up.

Trisha Paytas mentioned that the two are literally just doing this for money and views. And that it’s “gross” because people’s emotions are involved in this. So it’s the manipulation of the audience.

“I pray to God this is fake because otherwise this is some messed up shit.”

This is what we’re doing in 2020, really? Welcome to the trash-bin Stephanie Soo”

Well, we are confused. Wasn’t she best friends with Nikocado?

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