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Trisha Paytas’ Disrupted YouTube Timeline Confuses Followers

A few days back, the famous YouTuber Trisha Paytas exposed her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash as a cheater. Apparently Jason Nash had been the cause of her depression from last few months and it was getting harder for Paytas to get over him. However, her prayers got heard and it was finally revealed to her that Nash was cheating on her. The news accidentally triggered Paytas and now she cannot stop vlogging. That’s right. Trisha Paytas has two YouTube channels and both of them are bombarded with videos on a daily basis these days. The back-to-back videos are confusing since the content is disrupting her YouTube timeline.

Chris Harrison Helps Trish To Get Over Jason Nash

Trisha Paytas exposed Jason Nash few days back. She has been very active on her social profiles. Moreover, Paytas has even announced that there’s a new tour coming up at the end of July. She is certainly on a path of evolution, the YouTuber is going to therapies and recovering from her mental breakdowns. In the middle of this, she shared a video titled Chris Harrison Weighs In On My Breakup. Why would Chris Harrison do that? It is simple. He was paid to weigh on Trisha’s breakup with Jason Nash. Yes, apparently Trisha has a bucket load of money to spend on her Mukbangs and paying for other celebrities cameo.

Trisha Paytas paid $500 for Chris Harrison Cameo and asked for his advice on her breakup. Chris Harrison had amazing suggestions for her to help her move on with her life. However, these suggestions are exactly what her followers have been asking her to do from quite some time; FOR FREE. Trisha you need to listen to your followers, that will save you some money.

P.S: Chris Harrison Cameo price now appears to be $550. Paytas might have received a $50 discount or she roughly rounded up the price.

Trisha Paytas Own Cameo Price Hikes Suddenly

Trisha Paytas Cameo price has suddenly jumped from $150 to $250. Initially she was charging $350 per cameo. However, after a backlash from her followers, she reduced the price to $150. Now, all of a sudden, she is charging $250 for her cameo messages. What does that mean? (a) She is probably running out of money as her subs and views are dropping. (b) Coping up with lack of ads maybe. (c) Trisha Paytas Podcasts and Patreons are not generating enough cash. (d) She is saving for a spiritual retreat. (e) She needs money for her next music video.

Trisha Paytas To Shoot Weight Loss Videos In Coming Week

Among the many topics covered by Trisha during last few days, she announced she will be doing videos on her weight loss. The main purpose of the videos is to help others and guiding them in how to lose weight. Trisha has lost almost 40 pounds and she is still planning to reduce some more. She is also planning to go for another liposuction session soon. It was planned for this weekend, however, she had to cancel it.

You will be seeing more of Trisha in the coming days. Fasten your seat belts buddies.

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