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Trisha Paytas denies rumors that their Fiancé ran away during their wedding

In the latest video, Trisha Paytas has addressed the rumors that Moses Hacmon tried to run away from the venue before the wedding.

Recently, Trisha Paytas got married to Moses Hacmon. Although the couple is happy and excited on the next chapter of their lives, they are facing new controversy. In a video that the YouTuber uploaded after the wedding, Hacmon revealed that the security did not let him go to get his shirts. According to him, they were following Paytas’ instructions. Now they are responding to these claims and calling people out for trying to ruin their moment. At the same time, they addressed the rumors that Hacmon ran away during the wedding.

Trisha Paytas

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Last week, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon tied the knot in an unusual ceremony

Trisha Paytas Denies Rumors That Their Fiancé Ran Away During Their Wedding

After meeting on a dating show, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon started dating. Although Hacmon’s family disapproved of their relationship, the couple stuck together. Last year, the couple got engaged and surprised many people including the Kleins. This week, Trisha Paytas and Hacmon got married. For a few months, people had been speculating about the ceremony. From the dress to the duet they sang, everything was unusual. Interestingly, Paytas wore a black dress and Jimmy Choo sneakers. For their entry, they chose My Chemical Romance’s song, Welcome to the Black Parade. In leaked footage of the couple’s vows, Trisha Paytas said:

“I’m a fluid person so it just kind of makes sense that we meshed together and found each other. And knowing that we never die and that we do become one body of water together at the end, I really look forward to that with you.”

Similarly, people also noticed a bizarre choice of song for their first dance, which was Hilary Duff’s This is What Dreams are Made of.

Trisha Paytas

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After the wedding, Paytas uploaded a video which raised some eyebrows

Although they did not intend to create a controversy, people started nitpicking the video. While Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon claimed to be happy and excited, there were a few things that raised eyebrows. At one point in the video, Hacmon claimed that he wanted to go and get some shirts. However, security stopped him and said that Trisha Paytas has asked to not let him leave the venue. At this, Paytas sounded shocked and denied the claim. Since then, people have been criticizing the couple and poking fun at him.

Trisha Paytas

In order to clarify, Trisha Paytas addressed the rumors in a TikTok video

While eating a plate of pasta, Trisha Paytas talked about the viral video and speculations about Hacmon running away from the wedding. According to them, people like to twist stuff and create a fuss about everything. The said:

So I got married this weekend and the rumors have been circulating. Did I have a runaway groom and did I trap him at the venue so he had to marry me? Let’s talk about it. No one actually listened to the video because we were trying to figure out what that meant. Moses was trying to leave to get the shirt and security stopped him. We were trying to understand what happened. One they were joking or maybe they meant that he could not take the car out because we said we didn’t want out cars out front.

Furthermore, Trisha Paytas claimed that Hacmon never ran away from the venue. In fact, he ran to them to help them get on the stage as the stairs of the stage were moved to the side. In the end, Trisha Paytas ended the video with an epic burn and said:

I’m sorry that I’m so hot and in love and you’re not.

Trisha Paytas

Hopefully, people got their answer now because they for sure had a mic drop moment.

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