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Trisha Paytas denies their fiance Moses Hacmon having a Tinder, saying they’re never apart

In a recent live stream on YouTube, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon talked about the upcoming wedding and his Tinder profile.

Recently, Trisha Paytas and their fiance, Moses Hacmon did a live stream to interact with their fans. During the conversation, someone commented that they saw Hacmon on Tinder. However, the couple denied this and said that his profile was deleted. At the same time, Paytas claimed that they are always together and never apart. Therefore, there is no chance for him to be on Tinder. In the past, Hacmon was also accused of cheating on the YouTuber.

Trisha Paytas

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Although Trisha Paytas is not on talking terms with Klein, he introduced them to Hacmon

In 2020, Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein put their differences aside and started to host a podcast. During one of their early appearances, Paytas and Klein decided to host a Bachelorette-style dating show for them. Among other men, Hila’s brother, Moses Hacmon also participated. Shortly after, the pandemic began and the world went into lock-down. While Klein gave them clear guidelines to not talk to each other, Trisha Paytas and Hacmon started posting pictures. Despite Klein’s protests, the couple started dating. On Christmas last year, they got engaged. This year, Trisha Paytas will marry Moses Hacmon. However, his family has refused to attend the wedding.

Trisha Paytas

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Few months back, Moses Hacmon faced cheating allegations

In September, a Twitter user contacted Hacmon and revealed that a picture of him with another woman is making rounds on the internet. The person wrote:

“Just as a heads up, they are now spreading rumors that you are cheating on Trish based on an old photo of you at Venice Beach with another woman + that you may have been at rodeo with her recently.”

In response to this, Trisha Paytas fiancé wrote:

This is one of my best friends that is invited to my wedding. At this point they are just making up lies in attempt to upset us. But they are just losing credibility everyday.

By ‘they’, he means Ethan and Hila Klein.

Recently, Trisha Paytas and Hacmon did a livestream and talked about his Tinder profile

While Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon are preparing for their grand wedding ceremonies, people are still skeptical about their relationship. In a recent live stream, they sat down to talk to their followers. During the conversation, someone commented that they saw Hacmon on Tinder in Inglewood. In response to this, Trisha Paytas and Hacmon both insisted that he had deleted his profile. When Paytas said that they don’t remember, Hacmon reminded them that they did it in the old house. Furthermore, Paytas said:

It just doesn’t make sense because we’re literally together all the time. So like, when when when?

Trisha Paytas

At the same time, Trisha claimed that people would make up anything they want. Despite their claims, people still think that Hacmon is with them for their money and is a sugar baby. Although they’re about to get married, only time will tell the truth.

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