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Trisha Paytas’ deleted TikTok resurfaces where she admits to abusing boyfriend Moses Hacmon

An old deleted TikTok of Trisha Paytas has resurfaced on the internet where she admits to abusing her boyfriend Moses Hacmon.

In the past few weeks, social media influencer Trisha Paytas has been in the news quite a lot. This time, however, it’s an old video of hers with her fiancé Moses Hacmon that has resurfaced on social media. In it, fans pointed out how Paytas admitted to abusing Hacmon throughout their relationship, causing an uproar on social media.

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TikTok emerges in which Trisha Paytas admits to abusing Moses Hacmon

A now-deleted TikTok recently surfaced on social media, in which Trisha Paytas is seen with their boyfriend Hacmon playing a game. It was a relationship game where one will have to put their finger down if a particular scenario occurred. And Moses Hacmon lowered his fingers on the following scenarios, albeit with a smile:

1. Put your finger down if they won’t let you hang out with the opposite sex
2. Put your finger down if they wouldn’t let you like certain peoples’ photos
3. Put your finger down if they ever forced you sexually
4. Put your finger down if they threatened to kill themselves if you broke up
5. Put a finger down if they ruined your life

Throughout this video, the two remained cordial, with Paytas and Hacmon both smiling and grinning. However, many of their fans did not take this video as casually as they did. Underneath the comments of the resurfaced video, several people called out Trisha Paytas for abusing their boyfriend. Following are some of the comments:

Trisha Paytas' deleted TikTok resurfaces where she admits to abusing boyfriend Moses Hacmon

And this is not the first time Paytas has been accused of bad behavior towards Hacmon. For instance, in October of 2020, fans said Paytas should go easy on Hacmon as she has his Instagram and other passwords on her. Moreover, she often threw jokes around whenever Moses’s passions, interests, and preferences came into question. What do you think of this deleted TikTok? Let us know in the comments below.

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