Trisha Paytas defends making fun of Ethan Klein’s Tourette’s, saying they were “clearly joking”

Once again, Trisha Paytas is talking about Ethan Klein. In an interview, they said that they joked about his Tourette's but he's offended now.

Although Ethan Klein seems to have moved on, Trisha Paytas is still stuck in the past. The YouTuber does not miss a single opportunity to talk about their Frenemies ex-co-host. In a recent interview, they talked about the time they made fun of Klein’s Tourette’s. While he finds it offensive, they claim it was just a joke. In the past, they have also apologized for making offensive anti-Semitic jokes. Once again, they are back with clarification.

Earlier this year, the Frenemies podcast ended, but the drama continues.

After back-and-forth arguments on social media, Trisha Paytas said goodbye to Frenemies. Although they claimed ownership dispute to be the reason, there is much more to it. Despite being engaged to Hila’s brother, Moses Hacmon, they are in an ongoing fight with Ethan Klein and his family. Things got very ugly when Klein accused Paytas of lying about SA accusations against their high school teacher. At the same time, he deleted the episode of Frenemies, where Trisha Paytas claimed to be a victim of SA. Similarly, Moses faced allegations of SA himself. Needless to say, Paytas is still in hot waters and seems to be struggling with its YouTube channel as well.

A few months back, Trisha Paytas apologized to Klein for making anti-Semitic jokes.

Recently, Klein responded to a YouTuber who said H3 could not take Jew jokes. This led to people digging up Trisha Paytas and their anti-Semitic jokes. After they shared the text messages between them and Klein, people noticed them making offensive jokes. In one of the messages, they called themself being too ‘Jewy.’ When people bashed Trisha Paytas for it, they made a video to apologize. They said:

“It was my sense of humor at the time. And it was a repeated joke I made at the time – it wasn’t malicious but it’s still gross. It was only this year on an episode did Ethan explain to me why it’s offensive to stereotype jewish people as cheap. Like it never really registered.”

Recently, Trisha Paytas talked about making fun of Klein’s Tourette’s

In a TikTok video, Trisha Paytas talk about Ethan Klein in an interview. According to them, he started having issues with everything after Frenemies ended. During the show, they would make jokes, and he would also take them as jokes. When the show ended, he started calling Trisha Paytas anti-Semite and ableist. At one point, the interviewer genuinely looks confused and asks her if he actually has Tourette’s. When Trisha Paytas confirms that he does, the interviewer seems even more confused and says it’s like an actual problem.

In response to the video, Ethan Klein commented on the TikTok video and said:

Did I just make it to Tourettetok?

It has been months since Frenemies ended. However, Trisha Paytas does not seem to move on. Someone should tell them just to let it go!

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