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Trisha Paytas’ Dad Believes She’ll Be A Nun One Day

Trisha Paytas was missing in action from a couple of days. She dropped some videos on her both YouTube channels without any chronological order and she vanished into thin air. Until yesterday, when she shared some posts on all of her social profiles. She also uploaded a video of Jeffree Star New Gloss Collection unboxing. Nothing shocking there. What surprised us was her latest Twitter thread dedicated to her father. Shockingly, Trisha Paytas’ dad believes she will be a nun one day.

Why Dad Has Faith In Trisha Paytas?

Trisha says her dad still sees a pure side to her, which she believes she has. But she says it is harder for her to show that pure side of her. It is understandable since most of her followers do not believe in her anymore. There are few of her loyal fans and followers left now. However, her parents have full faith in her. And honestly, that’s all that matters.

Trisha Paytas Will Miss Him On Father’s Day

Paytas’ father will be out of town this weekend and she says she will miss him on Father’s Day. She has always celebrated Father’s Day with him and his wife (not her mother Lenna Paytas).

he’s going to be out of town on Father’s Day this weekend and my little heart is crushed. I have not missed one Father’s Day with him ever and it’s usually just me, him and his wife. I don’t know what to do now. My dad is this little pure part of me.

Paytas says the older her parents get, the more she wants to show them how much they mean to her.

She Invited Him To One Of Her Shows, Guess What He Said

Trisha Paytas has recently announced that she is performing in 14 cities for her HeartBreak Tour. The tour is named after her breakup with Vlogger/YouTuber Jason Nash. Considering her mother accompanies her everywhere, she also invited her dad to one of her shows. All he wanted to know was the show will not be x-rated.

Baby Sherlocks are asking this question: if he is not on internet and he has never seen her videos, how does he know her show might be x-rated.

What About Trisha Paytas’ Daddy Issues?

Since she is performing all her original tracks during the tour, it might include her song Daddy Issues as well. Okay, officially confused now!

Her lyrics are mostly inspired by her life. Take Warrior and Chicken Parmesan And Heartbreak for example. If Trisha Paytas loves her dad, how come she has daddy issues?

Reckless, helpless
I’m a mess
Hopeless, loveless
I confess, I just wanna be hugged, I just wanna be loved
And do what it takes, to feel alive
I’ll take your life
I got Daddy Issues, that’s all that I’ve been hearing
I got Daddy Issues, nobody bothers listening to my Daddy Issues
So I’m gonna keep on living life this way.
Probably it is just a simple track. We’ll never know.

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