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Trisha Paytas Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

Public figures and celebrities are accused of cultural appropriation time and again.  Every minute detail counts when all the people are looking at you. Trisha Paytas is one of the celebrities that have recently been accused of Cultural Appropriation. Her picture created a new controversy and fans are certainly not happy.

She shared a braided hair picture on Instagram and the public had a mixed response. Some called it an insensitive move while some of the followers appreciated the look.

Trisha Paytas Fans are not Game for It

Trisha Paytas fans bombarded her social profile with comments over the hairstyle. Consequently, many even tried teaching her the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. While she was just trying to appreciate her make-up artist, everyone was focusing on her hairstyle that they deemed offensive.

Getting accused of Cultural Appropriation and Drama

Some of Paytas’ critics are blaming her for creating drama just for fun and fame. They say she is being dramatic just to troll her fans. Though, Paytas is trying to clarify that she bought the wig because she liked it very much. According to her, she did not have any negative intentions.

The Actual Reason Behind the Purchase

Paytas just shared graduation pictures of her puppy Mukbang Gucci Paytas. She got her wig and make over done for the graduation celebrations at Mukbang’s institute.

Mukbang is a very cute 10-months old Pomimo. The little puppy even has an official Instagram account where the initial posts have both mummy Trisha Paytas and daddy Jason Nash. Unfortunately, they seem to have broken up so Mummy Paytas celebrated the graduation with Mukbang’s trainers alone.

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