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Trisha Paytas Confidence Level: Wearing Her Ex’s Shirt In a New Music Video

Trisha Paytas has just released her latest music video titled Chicken Parmesan and Heartbreak where she can be seen wearing Jason Nash's Shirt.

Keeping in view the pattern of the videos from the last few days, it seems like Trisha Paytas will keep dropping a Jason Nash-based video every day. In the daily dose of Nash, we have been surprised by Paytas’ confidence level once again. She has just dropped her latest music video where she is wearing Ex Boyfriend-Jason Nash’s Fanjoy shirt.

Trisha Paytas Wears $24.95 Jason Nash Classic Logo Shirt

Subtlety is definitely Trisha’s thing. She might take ages to discuss the elephants in the room, but when she does it she goes all in. She shared her break-up story five days ago which should have been done a few months back when she actually broke up with Jason Nash. Since then she is dropping depressing and not-so-depressing videos back to back. Nash is discussed in almost every single one of them.

She took things too far after releasing her latest music video, Chicken Parmesan and Heartbreak. No doubt, she loves throwing spotlight on her chicken, mukbangs, and heartbreaks. Trisha Paytas loves her food. She loves her mukbangs and apparently she still loves Nash. Though the lyrics do not have “Jason” or Nash” in it but there is no doubt that the song is for him. Paytas is wearing a $24.95 Jason Nash Classic Logo Shirt available for purchase on the Fanjoy website. Now, we might be wrong about it but it really looks like the original merch shirt. I aspire to have such a Trisha level confidence where I wear a shirt that has my ex’s name on it and then make a whole music video about it.

Double Standards | Stalker Alert

When it came to spilling the tea on Nikocado Avocado feud, Trisha Paytas said she was scared of him and even called him a crazy obsessed fan. She stated that people have to respect boundaries and they can’t just simply invite themselves to someone’s house if they are not responding. But the issue is, she is not following her own advice. Jason Nash is not responding publicly to her depressing videos. And it doesn’t look like she is going to stop anytime soon.

Her followers are not happy with the lyrics and called her out on her double standards.

all I got was
Chicken parmesan and heartbreak
All I wanted was for you to say you love me
Is it too much to ask
To have a little class

Most of her fans are suggesting her to follow her own advice, to have a little class and apologize to Nikocado. They also wanted her to stop posting videos about Jason Nash. Some followers have even commented on her video suggesting Nash should get a restraining order.

Alternate Wardrobe Options

Trisha Paytas should have opted to wear one of her own shirts from her merch. As per the theme of the song, one of these would do.

Jason Nash Trisha Paytas

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