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Trisha Paytas clarifies their gender identity and says they are non-binary and gender-fluid

The YouTuber has clarified her gender identity once and for all. Trisha Paytas explained that they fall under the category of gender-fluid because they are non-binary. They’re okay with she/her pronouns as well as he/him pronouns but the pronouns they feel most respected and seen is they/them.

Trisha Paytas clears the confusion up on Twitter

As people were confused about which pronouns Trisha is most comfortable with, they clarified:

I’ve been getting asked this a lot : they/them is how I view myself, my current pronouns and the pronouns that make me feel most powerful and respected. Having said that, I present mostly female and sometimes male – so if someone says she/her that’s ok by me too

They went on to explain that they are non-binary and that umbrella is inclusive of gender-fluid identity. That means someone can present as female on some days and male on some days.

I’m non binary and under that umbrella falls gender fluid. Moses will refer to me as he/him when i present as male that day and that’s so rad. My family sees me as daughter/ sister so they’ll say she/her – but overall they/them feels like me

Elaborating on their gender identity

Trisha Paytas also added that they didn’t quite understand the concept of non-binary when it was explained to them. They got to find out about it when they thought they are transgender. It took them a lot of time to grasp the concept but now they finally had.

Nonbinary was discussed with me years ago when I genuinely thought I was trans and it didn’t make sense to me. It’s new for a lot of people my age and older, so I get it. I had to delve deep into it to understand everything nonbinary is and everything it’s not

Moreover, they elaborated that they don’t see themselves as having a gender. They simply see themselves as a person preferring they/them pronouns:

Lastly, Trisha added that there should be more education and awareness of the complexity of gender identities to the public so that a lot of people can learn who they truly are:

When they thought they were transgender, they publicly came out with their identity and received a lot of backlash. Fortunately, Trisha now understands who they actually are and can finally be who they were meant to be.

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