Trisha Paytas Claps Back at Joe Rogan Body-shaming them

OnlyFans creator and podcast host Trisha Paytas posted a YouTube video in which they clap back at Joe Rogan for body-shaming them during his podcast.

Famous podcast host and OnlyFans creator Trisha Paytas has clapped back in their new YouTube video against Joe Rogan. In the video, titled “dear Joe Rogan…”, Paytas addressed the disgusting comments Rogan made about their body in his Joe Rogan podcast, which understandably did not sit well with Paytas.

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Trisha Paytas claps back at Joe Rogan body-shaming them

Trisha Paytas Claps Back at Joe Rogan Body-shaming them

In his recent The Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode numbered 1633 with guest comedian Ali Macofsky, Joe Rogan took a look at Trisha Paytas’s naked photo offscreen. After seeing it, Rogan said in a very derogatory manner:

You can keep that.

Of course, this comment was completely unprovoked and was clearly meant to body-shame Paytas. And they did not take it lightly either, as Paytas addressed his comments in their video in detail. In the video, Paytas even mentioned how much money they make on OnlyFans, which is north of a million dollars every month! And it is rare for them to reveal that information, as they never discuss how much money they make on their various platforms. But after listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast, Trisha Paytas wanted to make a point that they don’t make content for the sole gratification of “conventionally unattractive” men like Rogan. One of the comments in support of Paytas read:

It’s such a weird culture thing when men insult women that they think are unattractive. When I see I man I don’t think is attractive I just ignore him…

Furthermore, Trisha Paytas also had some advice to give to Joe Rogan. And needless to say, they did not hold back:

Eat a carb. Loosen up. Get laid. That small d*ck energy, again not a shame because some people love small d*cks, is not becoming. For any future people body-shaming me. Obviously they’re made that I’m on OnlyFans making money. Some people find this attractive. Some people, I make money even if they don’t find it attractive. I don’t look like Pamela Anderson in her prime in the 90s. I look like this and I already hate myself a lot for it. It’s fine, I can make coin off of it honestly.

Trisha Paytas

You can watch Paytas’s complete response video here:

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