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Trisha Paytas claims that Will Smith slept with her Male Dancer

Trisha Paytas came out with a rumor involving the Smith family. The YouTuber was trying to defend her friend Shane Dawson, who still has not returned to YouTube or social media after multiple dramas came his way. The major one was him making a rather inappropriate joke regarding Willow Smith. Shane was s*xualizing an underage Willow.

What was the rumor Trisha Paytas is trying to spread?

Well, Trisha Paytas was ‘schooling’ Jada Pinkett-Smith on how she should prioritize her worries. The YouTuber claimed that Jada should be more worried about her husband, Will Smith, sleeping with Trisha’s male dancers. She also claimed that Will Smith did this without the dancers’ consent.

In the video, she shared:

how about you worry about that – how about worry about your f**king cheating husband f**king my male dancers when you know they didn’t want to.

Trisha Paytas also added this before the Will Smith rumor:

how about worry about your daughter being n*ked in bed at 13 with her 20 year old boyfriend.

This was in reference to when she was t*pless in a bed with a t*pless 20-year-old actor Moises Arias.

Jada Pinkett-Smith did address that saying that Moises was a family friend and that there was nothing s*xual going on between them:

“You guys are projecting your trash onto it and you’re acting like… p**dophiles and that’s not cool.”

Trisha Paytas isn’t sure of the Will Smith incident that she talked about

YouTuber Keemstar, posted on his DramaAlert channel about this whole story. He also shared that he asked Trisha for a comment.

And Trisha Paytas ended up telling Keemstar this:

so I was like I invited her to come on DramaAlert to do an interview right. and uh she was like ‘About what?’. About what! So, I said to her ‘Like about Will Smith h**king up with your dancer’. And she was like, ‘Well, I don’t know if it’s true. I like wasn’t there like I wasn’t in the room or anything. But it’s happened to multiple dancers allegedly like that’s what she heard.

Keemstar then goes on to highlight what Trisha Paytas’ actual point was:

But anyhow Trisha’s overall point is we shouldn’t cancel Shane Dawson for jokes this stuff was just jokes.

Trisha isn’t sure of the rumor herself, but she just heard it from her dancers. Moreover, she was also only talking about it now in an effort to defend Shane Dawson.

There is no evidence or proof of this happening so it might just be a false rumor. But let’s see if Will Smith and his family address this or not.

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