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Trisha Paytas claims Gabbie Hanna is threatening her life

What did Gabbie Hanna say in the interview?

Before dissecting the interview, here is a quick information for those who missed Gabbie’s return video. She talked about her upcoming music in the video, and said that she is going to do a song on Trisha Paytas.

Now, we know Keemstar and Trisha always banter on Twitter, whenever they get a chance. So it was only natural for Keemstar to be interested in Gabbie’s song about Trisha and interview her to get more information about the still-unreleased-track. Daniel Keem started off the interview with Jason Nash and the STD doubts Gabbie had on Trisha.

Addressing the STD accusation, Gabbie Hanna confirmed that she is very sorry for the instance. She did not want to hurt Trisha. She further confirmed that they cleared it out in May 2019 and since then, they have been on better terms. Moreover, Gabbie further added that Trisha had recently called her a couple of times and asked her to call her back to talk. But Gabbie Hanna did not call her back because she believed it wouldn’t be a healthy conversation between them.

No harm no foul?

Gabbie confirmed that she never wished any harm towards Trisha Paytas.

I don’t wanna see her burn or be hurt.

Keemstar even offered Gabbie an idea that she and Trisha should join him together for an interview. However, Gabbie declined the offer by saying that it wouldn’t be good for her mental health and she is not that “drama hungry” person.

I don’t start drama or beef for attention.

And when Keemstar wrapped up the interview with his last question, it was about Gabbie making a song on Trisha Paytas. Gabbie Hanna confirmed this:

Here’s the thing. It is about Trisha Paytas. And pretty specific to her and her relationship. But it was written for Trisha Paytas to sing. But obviously she is not using it so I’m using it. And I’m putting it out on September 25th with an incredible music video.

She further clarified that it is not a “hate” song. It’s just a song she made to be used by Trisha, but since she is not using it, Gabbie would be using it herself. She says that she likes the song too much. In fact, she went ahead and confirmed that the song is like a diss track. That part seems to be a significant shade on Trisha by Gabbie. And even though she said she is not a drama-hungry person, that diss track already reeks of drama.

Why Trisha Paytas believe her life is in danger?

Well, Keemstar and Gabbie Hanna talked a lot about Trisha Paytas. And she keeps tabs on everything they do. That’s why she was quick to react to the whole interview. Trisha started off a rant on Instagram and Twitter. She even shared a full video of herself going off on Gabbie Hanna.

Trisha even believes that Keemstar staged the whole interview to enable Gabbie to murder her. She called Daniel Keem out on “egging an actual psychopath.”

Gabbie might be coming up with a diss track, and we don’t know what words she will use in the track. However, Trisha Paytas will not wait and censor her “choice of words” regarding Gabbie Hanna.

On one side, Trisha was happy that Gabbie is taking a break for her “mental health.” However, just like approx. 80% of the internet population, Trisha Paytas, throwing words like “b*tch” and “psychopath” at Gabbie.

Trisha Paytas goes off on Gabbie Hanna and Keemstar

In a huge thread of tweets, Trisha Paytas accused Keemstar of leading people to hurt themselves. She also claims that she did not call Gabbie Hanna recently, which is contrary to what Gabbie said during the interview.

And since Trisha is scared for her security, she says she has 24 hours security to protect herself from the likes of Gabbie Hanna.

And she started accusing Keemstar of egging Etika(late) as well.

That did not sit well with Keemstar. He clapped back at Trisha Paytas. However, she continued ranting and even mentioned that her security had Gabbie Hanna’s picture.

If you check their Twitter profiles, you’ll see Trisha Paytas going all out on Keemstar and Keemstar responding her by asking her to stop bullying Gabbie Hanna.

Do you think that Trisha Paytas is overreacting to the interview? The drama is not over yet and it will not until the diss-track by Gabbie Hanna comes out on September 25th.

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