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Trisha Paytas Cameo Costs More Than Her Patreon But Is It Worth It

Trisha Paytas is very active on her social profiles from last couple of days after being MIA for weeks. She explained her absence on her official YouTube channel blndsundoll4mj. The 20 minute video is full of emotional tears and raw vulnerability; the kind of which we are used to seeing from Paytas.

However, she is back in the game now. Trisha launched her cameo project a few weeks back as she has some free time these days. She took to her Instagram story to share her cameo link. Basically, if you want a video for yourself or any of your friends all you have to do is signup for her cameo and share the message details.

Trisha Paytas Cameo Cost is reduced

A good news for all her followers who were waiting for her Cameo price to go down, trisha is charging $150 for exclusive video requests for the custom messages you send her. As per her cameo profile, she typically responds within 20 hours.

Up till now, she has 16 reviews on her profile with a 5 star rating. So. if you have a Trisha Fan in your friends or family circle, you know what special present to give on their birthday.

Originally, she was charging $350 per request though the price seemed to be very high for some. After her followers complained about it, she reduced the price to $250. Though, many of the fans were still dissatisfied since most of them are younger and cannot afford such costly prices. Ultimately, the cameo prices is now just $150/

Cameo Cost > Patreon Cost

If you are well aware of her Patreon cost, you can see that Trisha’s Cameo is costing more. This might be a reason for some critics to complain about the $150 yet again. Her basic patreon package starts at $1 for her podcast and goes up to $100 which includes her exclusive snapchat ID.

Critics do not understand the change of cost. But they fail to see that cameo could be exclusively customized for you on your request whereas from patreon you get exclusive content that Trisha decides herself.

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