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Trisha Paytas Calls out Vlog Squad for partying during pandemic

We all know Trisha Paytas has had a long history with the Vlog Squad. That’s because she dated one of the most prominent members of the squad, Jason Nash. Nash was the best friend of David Dobrik, who’s credited as the Vlog Squad’s leader. Trisha and Jason’s relationship was not smooth; there were several ups and downs. But after their last split, things seemed pretty permanent, with no hopes of them getting back together. After the breakup, Trisha Paytas moved on, found a new boyfriend, and often criticized Vlog Squad for its problematic behavior. Currently, she’s focusing on the Vlog Squad partying during a global pandemic.

The Vlog Squad is partying amid a global health crisis

If it were not a virus, there would be no issue with people partying in huge social gatherings. However, we are dealing with coronavirus, which can be transmitted nearby. As a result, social distancing has become the new normal, with masks as the must-have accessory if you want to go out in public.

But many influencers are partying in huge gatherings, often without following the safety precautions set by the government. Examples of such influencers include Nikita Dragun, Bryce Hall, and now the Vlog Squad.

The party took place at David Dobrik’s house. The Vlog Squad members that can be seen partying are Toddy Smith, Heath Hussar, and Zane Hijazi, among others. David was not seen at the party.

Trisha Paytas calls them out.

In a TikTok video, Trisha Paytas pointed out that this was an example of how the Vlog Squad often gets away with behavior that other influencers get backlash for.

Another typical example of the Vlog Squad being exempt from all the rules. You’re not supposed to have a house party with more than 20 people. You’re also supposed to be wearing masks.

Even though some were sharing, the Vlog Squad did get COVID tested before going to the party.

vlog squad got tested
Vlog Squad test

In response to this, Trisha Paytas also pointed out that if they got a test for coronavirus before going to the Roast gathering, they still need to get another one. At the roast, they probably interacted with other people. So, their having an afterparty after the roast was not safe.

The Vlog Squad has yet to address the matter of not following the SOPs set in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus. There are already more than eight million cases in the US alone, with no hopes of a coronavirus vaccine in sight.

Let’s see if they address the issue or not.

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