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Trisha Paytas Calls out Ryland Adams & Shane Dawson for siding with Jeffree Star again

At one point, Trisha Paytas was really close to Shane Dawson and his fiance Ryland Adams. Since Shane was close friends with Jeffree Star, Trisha became friends with him too. For a while, all four of them were good friends but things took a turn when Trisha Paytas was bullied by Jeffree Star and his team in horrific ways. Shane and Ryland, as per Trisha, were aware of this and did nothing to denounce Jeffree’s behavior.

What happened to Trisha Paytas on the Las Vegas Trip?

In February 2020, Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas went on a Las Vegas trip together. They even made social media posts about how they spent their Valentine’s Day together. Accompanying them, was Star’s wig stylist, makeup artists, and other friends of his. It was later revealed that Trisha Paytas was bullied in very traumatizing ways when she went on the Las Vegas trip in February 2020. A video made by a former employee of Star, Tab David, shared that he was on that trip and someone was bullied on their skin, weight, appearance, and past drug abuse by Star.

“There had been a friend earlier in the night who was in the room who didn’t attend the club with us. They had continued to make fun of this person all day, talk about how bad their skin was, body-shame them, talk about their weight, talk about their past drug abuse, talk about their recovery, just the most disgusting, horrible things for him, his crew, who does hair and makeup, who works in the industry, to say.”

He also called out other problematic behavior of Jeffree Star such as him calling Gwen Stefani an anti-semitic slur. And that Star calls undocumented people ‘illegals’. He ended up deleting the video. But it was later reuploaded to Sanders Kennedy YouTube channel.

When Trisha Paytas defended Shane Dawson, she also shared that it was her who Star bullied on the Las Vegas trip

In June 2020, both Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star denied the allegation that anyone was bullied. At the time, Trisha Paytas didn’t speak up on these claims. However, last year saw multiple scandals surrounding both Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. Past offensive and vulgar jokes of both of them that were racist, and inappropriate resurfaced. The most appalling one was how Dawson was pretending to pleasure himself with an underage poster of a famous musician, Willow Smith. It got major backlash, even from Smith’s family, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaden Smith both called Dawson out.

While these controversies were taking place, both Star and Dawson were under fire for manipulating YouTuber drama involving Tati Westbrook and James Charles. In July 2020, Trisha Paytas was publicly defending Shane Dawson. Although, while doing so, she made a point to say that she was only defending Dawson and not Jeffree Star. Paytas claimed that Star left her in tears after their Las Vegas trip. And later confirmed that all of what Tab David had said was true. There was even a voice memo of Star talking about Paytas negatively, which she had heard.

Trisha Paytas also shared the details of how she was bullied, saying that Star had hit her hand and knocked it away when she was reaching for a nacho. He told her to ‘don’t eat’. Moreover, he also told her to ‘jump off the hotel balcony’ when she was talking about her suicidal thoughts and struggles with mental health.

Star had apologized privately to her and informed her he was getting therapy and help in order to work on himself. Trisha didn’t accept that apology then because she that she wasn’t ready to accept the apology because she had heard that Jeffree Star had kept talking negatively about her behind her back.

Star’s wig Stylist, Hair By Jay, threatened Trisha Paytas

In January 2021, Star’s former wig stylist Hair By Jay threatened Trisha Paytas in a live-stream. Recording himself shouting obscene words at Trisha, he confirmed that he was at the Las Vegas trip too and they all made fun of Trisha Paytas.

Paytas responded and talked about the trip again. She reacted to the video of Hair By Jay and started to cry, saying that the entire video triggered her anxiety. Trisha Paytas also made several videos on TikTok outlining her situation. She also appeared on the YouTube Talk Show with Ethan Klein, her Frenemies co-host to discuss what was happening. Both Ethan Klein and his wife Hila denounced Star and his team for bulling Trisha.

Trisha Paytas shares that she told all of the bullying details to Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams

Paytas had also shared that she had told about her horrific Las Vegas trip to both Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams. She also talked about how hurt she was when a few months after the incident, Star was invited onto Ryland Adams’ podcast ‘The Sip’. Star and Adams seemed to be on good and friendly terms which hurt Trisha. To this, Ethan and Hila Klein shared their support for Trisha and called both Star and Hair by Jay ‘sadistic’.

Jeffree Star had responded to the Hair by Jay situation

Star didn’t publicly take any accountability but did say that he had fired his stylist, Hair By Jay. And the next day, he claimed that he was trying to reach out to Trisha Paytas privately but she was ignoring his messages. Star claimed that Trisha only wanted to have an ‘internet circus’ and hence was not trying to resolve matters privately. Shane Dawson stayed quiet throughout the whole incident and only Ryland Adams spoke on it.

Ryland Adams claimed he had no idea about Trisha’s bullying

In his podcast, ‘The Sip’, Ryland Adams talked about how he had no idea about the situation with Trisha Paytas and the Las Vegas trip. This is something that Trisha Paytas says is false because she did privately talk about it to both Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams.

Ryland made a statement in the podcast saying that he firmly stands against Hair by Jay. He didn’t stand against Star. This is what upset Trisha Paytas who says she told Ryland and Shane of the horrific bullying she experienced.

Trisha Paytas calls out Ryland Adams for lying and siding with Jeffree Star

Comparing Jeffree Star to the “devil”, Trisha Paytas calls Shane and Ryland “sellouts”. When recently, Ryland Adams was talking about how he and Shane get too much hate online, Trisha Paytas called them out once again.

She wrote in her tweet that they knew about how bad Star treated her but continued to support Star:

Him and Shane telling me they had no idea the evil of Jeffree when I cried to them for a year about it. And then STILL supporting , working with and being “best friends” with that petty vile human SPEAKS VOLUMES. they made their deal with the devil. And it still breaks my heart
Trisha also shared that she has not experienced “such coldness” in her life before:
I don’t condone hate online at all. But I’ve never been double crossed with such coldness in my life than shane and Ryland. It was so sick to hear Ryland straight up lie thru his teeth about trauma I shared. They are both manipulative and never to be trusted.
Moreover, Trisha says she does not like having hate in her heart:
I look at Ryland with such disgust and I hate that about me. I hate that I have such anger in my heart towards him and shane. When I see him it makes me physically sick.

And in one tweet, she also compared Jeffree Star to the devil:

When you make a deal with the devil, you can’t expect all sunshine’s and rainbows.


Trisha Speaking Aginst Shane Ryland Jeffree

Let’s see if Ryland and Shane will address this or not.

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