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Trisha Paytas calls James Charles ‘an actual predator’ after his accusations of grooming surface

As James Charles surrounds himself with another accusation of him flirting with an underage fan, his critics are calling him out. Perhaps one of his biggest ones, Trisha Paytas, is calling out James Charles for being inappropriate with minors and underage fans.

The recent accusation against Charles is from a 15-year-old boy who detailed his interaction with the YouTuber on TikTok

The TikToker, Jake Cherry, made a TikTok video that had compiled all the screenshots of his conversation with James Charles.

In one conversation, Charles is wishing Jake Cherry a happy birthday. Cherry also added in his TikTok that James knew about his age before they started talking. In several messages, Charles is using the word “cute” to describe Cherry. When Cherry posted the conversation between them on his Snapchat Stories, James Charles got really angry with him and accused him of lying about his age.

However, Jake Cherry’s age is clearly highlighted in several of his TikToks. He also had to end up deleting his original TikTok video as the police were contacting his parents. His parents made him take down the video.

Many are rallying against James Charles for his predatory behavior, including Trisha Paytas

Now, for those who have been closely following Trisha Paytas this year, they would know she’s been quick to call out many predators online. She’s often criticized influencers who engaged in inappropriate conversations with their underage fans. Paytas has talked about Tony and Ondreaz Lopez and also James Charles.

Moreover, James Charles and Trisha Paytas also got in a feud a while ago. Paytas was calling out the Ace family regarding their scandals in a TikTok and also mentioned James Charles’ name:

I’m seeing so like scary red flags like more so than any I have ever seen. Yeah, James Charles is like narcissitic and sociopathic. But like they [Ace family] have kids.

James happened to comment beneath this post,

Keep my name out of your mouth, you do not know me.

Paytas responded to the comment:

You’re right, I don’t know you. But this is a big big big big guess of why I think people really dislike you. Because you’re arrogant as f*ck to think you can tell people to keep your name out of their mouths when you’re a public figure. at least pretend to learn to grow – Pretend to take some form of accountability – Even if it’s a fake apology. Sit down, be humble.

Trisha Paytas also said that James is the only person that she “actually hates”:

James congratulations, You are the only person I know that I actually hate.

Now she’s on a Twitter spree to call out James Charles again. Trisha Paytas calls him a “predator”

In several tweets, Trisha Paytas says that James Charles “deserves to go to prison” and that he’s an actual predator.

James Charles deserves prison. I really hope one of these parents press charges. It’s so nauseating. I’m physically nauseous. And he’s so c*cky about getting away with it all

Regarding how James Charles dealt with the Jake Cherry situation, she said it was “disgusting”:

The way James talked to him after too. Threatening him , being aggressive , putting blame on a 15 YEAR OLD CHILD for their interaction. Disgusting.
She further said that Charles should be removed from all social media accounts since his predatory behavior has become too common now:
I’ll say without a shadow of a doubt James Charles is the ONLY creator that deserves to be banned and stripped from all social platform. He’s abusing it by s*xting with MINORS!!!!!!!!!! repeated behavior happening as recent as a few days ago. This is an actual predator/ ped*phile
Trisha Tweet Against James

Moreover, Ethan Klein was also calling out James Charles for having yet another case of grooming a minor. Trisha Paytas agreed and said Charles was a “current dangerous threat”.

Ethan and Trisha Against James Tweet

James Charles has not addressed any of this yet. Let’s see if he does.

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