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Trisha Paytas called out by Holocaust Survivor for appropriating Jewish Culture

Recently, Trisha Paytas faced backlash after Jewish people and Holocaust survivors criticized their Hanukkah TikToks.

Recently, Trisha Paytas came under fire when Jewish people and Holocaust survivors called them out. According to people, they have been appropriating Jewish culture. At the same time, the YouTuber is accused of disrespecting their traditions and religious practices as well. This month, Paytas will marry Moses Hacmon, who is a Jewish artist. In order to understand their husband-to-be’s culture better, Paytas has been documenting embracing Hanukkah. However, it did not sit well with many. In the past, they were called out for an inappropriate comment about Klein.

After meeting Moses Hacmon, Trisha Paytas decided to embrace his religion

When they were a co-host on Frenemies, Ethan Klein organized a Bachelorette-type dating show for Trisha Paytas. That is where they met Moses Hacmon. Despite Klein’s protests, Paytas and Hacmon got engaged. While Hila and Ethan Klein have cut all ties with the couple, they are set to get married this month. Since they met Hacmon, Trisha Paytas has expressed interest in Jewish culture and religion. While they have claimed to learn the teachings of Judaism, they have also delved into other religions. However, it is not going so well.

Trisha Paytas

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In the past, they were accused of making anti-Semitic comments

When their feud with Ethan Klein started, Trisha Paytas posted a few screenshots of text messages they shared with the H3H3 host. While their goal was, to tell the truth, it backfired. Instantly, people noticed that they had used the word ‘Jewy’ in the conversation. This led to a major backlash. In the end, Trisha Paytas had to apologize and said:

“It was my sense of humor at the time. And it was a repeated joke I made at the time – it wasn’t malicious but it’s still gross. It was only this year on an episode did Ethan explain to me why it’s offensive to stereotype jewish [sic] people as cheap. Like it never really registered. I have a lot of issues but I am not racist or anti – Semitic [sic]. As soon as he told me there was an issue with what I was saying I stopped.”

Trisha Paytas

Recently, Trisha Paytas again faced the brunt for their disrespectful Hanukkah TikToks

Trisha Paytas Called Out By Holocaust Survivor For Appropriating Jewish Culture

In a series of TikTok, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon have been celebrating Hanukkah. While Moses lights the menorah for Hanukkah, Paytas stands behind it and dances. In the caption, they wrote:

Me trying to seduce my Israeli husband

Furthermore, they posted more TikToks where they are dancing and wrote:

When you can’t finish conversion classes so you just pay to be Jewish

After these TikToks, people came after Trisha Paytas for disrespecting and appropriating Jewish culture. According to them, they are fetishizing the culture and religion. Meanwhile, many wanted to know why Moses is letting them make fun of his heritage.


#duet with @trishlikefish88 I don’t think I can handle this for another 4 nights (idea creds go to @zevulous) #fyp #jewish #hanukkah #hanukkah2021

♬ Might Be x Chanukah Oh Chanukah – Aaron

In a TikTok video, Gideon, who is a Holocaust survivor, reacted to Trisha Paytas trying to recite a Jewish prayer and Hanukkah videos. He shakes his head and said:

“Why would someone disrespect Judiasm like this. Pretending to be Jewish. WHY?”

A few weeks back, Trisha Paytas also claimed to be learning about Islam. At the same time, they have been a devotee of Hare Krishan for a while. Despite that, they seem more clueless than ever. Let’s see how it changes after their wedding to Moses Hacmon.

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