Trisha Paytas Blasts David Dobrik & Vlog Squad After Jeff’s Podcast

Since the beginning of 2019, Trisha Paytas has been facing many ups and downs in her life. Mostly downs in the initial 5-6 months and she is finally enjoying her ups after The Heartbreak Tour & Songs releases. Most of her fans and followers did not appreciate Trisha Paytas constantly discussing Jason Nash, David Dobrik and others in almost all of her videos. However, the recent change of events has now switched the majority of her haters’ views as well. Trisha Paytas has blasted David Dobrik, Jason Nash & Vlog Squad after watching Jeff’s latest Podcast.

Jeff’s Podcast | Indirectly Disses Trisha Paytas & Crosses His Limits

Few days after Trisha Paytas shared the update that she saw Jeff in Starbucks but he did not acknowledge her, Jeff has finally opened up about what was going through his head. His podcast titled Scott Opens Up to Jeff While High | Skotcast Ep. 18 indirectly confirmed that he did acknowledge Trisha Paytas and ignored her on purpose.

Somebody’s going around on all these radio shows talking about how I saw them in Starbucks and I didn’t acknowledge them and I turned around and walked out of the Starbucks without even making eye contact with this person. Because I don’t have any respect for them and if somebody fucks over one of my friends, I don’t even make eye contact with them I don’t respect that person. I’m not gonna fake a handshake to avoid an awkward situation.

Well, Jeff further confirmed he loves awkward situations like these and he thrives on these situations by making them more awkward. Just hoping that something will come out of it and he can joke about it later.

I can’t just go around assaulting everybody because then I’d be in jail. And that’s not the right thing to do. We just like to make things awkward. We get a nice little thing to talk about on the podcast.

Jeff said people are tagging him on Instagram and asking him to come out. So he wants the person (i.e. Trisha Paytas) to stop telling the story on every other radio show.

Stop telling the story about how you got abused in Starbucks and I just left and pretended you do not exist because that’s not cool.

Trisha Paytas Confirms ‘That Person’ Was Her | Blasts David Dobrik, Jeff & Vlog Squad

In her response titled HOW DAVID DOBRIK + THE VLOG SQUAD RUINED MY LIFE, Trisha Paytas did not just expose Jeff, she blasted David Dobrik & The Vlog Squad.

Hi Jeff, it’s me Trish, the person you cannot name.

Trisha responded to Jeff not respecting her by saying she has zero respect for him. She said Jeff just piggybacks on David Dobrik and once David is done with him just like other people who got kicked out of the Vlog Squad, Jeff too will be irrelevant. Trisha said Jeff is lucky that he has a cute little podcast. She did not want a fake handshake, it was a “fucking hello”. Jeff has no clue what happened between Trisha and Jason Nash, Trisha and David Dobrik because he was new in the Vlog Squad. He was probably around for a month and saw Trisha twice. Trisha Paytas believes Jeff was scared when he saw her as he left without his drink and sandwich.

Moreover, why cannot he just say her name out loud? Everyone knows he was talking about Trisha Paytas.

Didn’t David teach you, like he teaches all his squad members, to not respond. That’s what you guys do.

Trisha Paytas believes the podcast video will be deleted soon as David Dobrik does not want this drama. He does not like when people bring up sticky situations. (Ouch!). She further said she likes making things awkward as well, so why don’t Jeff just say her name. SAY HER NAME.

Which Friend Was Jeff Talking About? Trisha Needs The Name

While referring to the friend Trisha Paytas “fucked over”, she needs a name which friend was Jeff talking about. Was it David Dobrik or Jason Nash? Or was it Brandon who was dating an underage girl and asked a 17-year old how sex was with a 24-year old person.

I fucked him over because he was messing with an underage girl?

Or was it David Dobrik because she called him evil? Jason Nash and Trisha Paytas were friends till her birthday in May, and Jason was talking with her behind David Dobrik’s back.

I was not allowed to park near his house because David and others, no one can know they’re friends.

Trisha Paytas says she was uncomfortable with the threesome jokes Jason Nash and David Dobrik kept throwing at her. Even one time, TM was there and David wanted Trisha and Jason to have a threesome with her. T was 19 at that time and she was not comfortable with this joke too.

David kept pushing it like a fricking evil little bitch.

Or was it Jason Nash? Trisha Paytas believes Jason was in a relationship with her only because David Dobrik asked him to use her. And the moment he said stop seeing Trisha, Jason followed the command. It was not a real relationship for him but it was for Trisha Paytas. When she was sent to the mental hospital, even Jeff was there recording everything.

You don’t fucking no shit Jeff.

Trisha Paytas is done with the hatred directed towards her because of David Dobrik and Jason Nash.

You are a 30-year old and you are known by the good looking one. You are not funny you do not get shit on your own, you don’t get views on your own so soak up those brand deals.

Trisha Paytas believes Liza Koshy broke up with David Dobrik because of his evil nature. & Jeff will be out of the Vlog Squad soon.

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