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Trisha Paytas apologizes to Dixie D’Amelio for their past negative comments

YouTuber Trisha Paytas recently apologized to TikToker Dixie D’Amelio for the way they treated her during the snail drama in November 2020. The drama goes way back when Dixie was getting a lot of hatred for disrespecting her family chef. She posted a video on her YouTube channel in 2020 where her family chef can be seen putting some snail onto Dixie’s plate.

The TikToker asked the chef ‘What is this?’ and after being told by the chef that it’s a snail, she made a gagging motion and leaned away from the table. The chef replied saying:

It’s actually an omen of good luck and fortune!

Many viewers called the star ‘childish’ but the chef explained that it was the production’s idea to sneak the snails onto Dixie and Charlie’s plate to get an over-the-top reaction. So, he’s not taking it personally.

During the snail drama, Trisha Paytas called out Dixie D’Amelio

When all this drama happened, Trisha Paytas was very vocal about it and they called out Dixie and her sister Charlie for acting the way they did. Trisha received a lot of backlash from the public because they were hating on teen stars. But it seems like Trisha is over all that and wants to put an end to the feud. They apologized to Dixie on an episode of Frenemies:

Can I also just apologize to Dixie D’Amelio? I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have made fun of her for snail thing. I saw everyone doing it and I was like okay whatever, and your music’s good. You’re like 19. You’re killing it. I know she does not care because she is killing it. But you are killing it.

Trisha also complimented Dixie D’Amelio’s show ‘The Early Late Night Show’:

I would love to be on Dixie’s Early Late Night Show. I love that show.

Let’s see if Dixie D’Amelio also wants to bury the hatchet and move on. Maybe we’ll get to see Paytas on Dixie’s YouTube show after all.

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