Trisha Paytas Apologizes After Receiving Hatred From LGBTQ+ Community

Trisha Paytas came out as transgender yesterday and she faced a huge backlash not just from the LGBTQ+ community, but also from the supporters. Many people called her disrespectful. However, the Canadian Youtuber Gigi Gorgeous took the step to show her support to Trisha Paytas. Even though she does not agree with some of Trisha’s thoughts, Gigi wants all the best for her friend Trisha Paytas. After waking up to more backlash and messages from the non-supporters, Trisha Paytas just uploaded an apology video on her YouTube channel.

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Trisha Paytas Apologizes To LGBTQ+ Community

Trisha confirmed when she uploaded the video, she was not expecting such a huge backlash at that time. However, it is Tuesday morning and she is still seeing the hatred comments on her social profiles. The hatred from the LGBTQ+ community has broken her heart as Trisha never intended to hurt that community. Trisha has strongly admired and loved the LGBTQ+ community for so long, especially the transgender community.

I haven’t watched Gigi’s video but Gigi called me yesterday and I just lost, I just broke down. Because I was already getting so much backlash & she was so sweet.

Gigi told her about filming the video and she said Trisha has her support like always. Trisha Paytas confirmed she never told many people about her feelings because she knew she will get backlash and judgments from others. Trisha also faced hate Tweet from Patrick Starr.

Opening Up About Her Feelings

Many people blamed Trisha Paytas for using her “boy” getup to promote her current song project. However, Trisha has addressed the blames by confirming she has been feeling this way since she was 5 (or 6, 7). Trisha has also been talking to a Gender Identity Therapist for the last 6 months. She has talked to the therapist about not being non-binary in her heart. And the therapist told her that not every Transgender transitions.

Trisha Paytas also discussed her anxiety on facing non-acceptance. She has been trolled in the past for the things she has done. However, this is something she strongly feels. Many people face gender identity issues and she is one of them. Trisha also confirmed that she is apologizing so that people can stop being nasty to her. She has really struggled with gender identity since her childhood. Trisha Paytas hated her lady parts as well as going to the female bathroom. Moreover, Trisha Paytas apologizes for her choice of words and said she will never mock a community she loved and the community which loved her back.

My story & my it meant to like..offend anyone? I didn’t think it would. I was not talking about anyone but myself. And for that I apologize because that hurts my heart more than me not being able to myself.

Trisha Paytas also shared the Transgender community flag on her Instagram a few hours back, & people are still not liking it. She also kept apologizing for her choice of words and her concepts of being a transgender as she is not fully educated about the transgender community. However, she has Gigi Gorgeous’s support. Even though many are talking against her, some of the trans community have welcomed her.

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