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Trisha Paytas Officially Announces Breakup With Jason Nash

From the last three months, Trisha Paytas has been avoiding the elephant in the room named Jason Nash, her ex-boyfriend. The pre-breakup drama involved their mutual friend David Dobrik which certainly seemed to have affected Trisha Paytas’ relationship with Jason Nash. She kept ignoring the public demand to address the reasons behind their break up. Now, she has broken the silence. Paytas has confirmed her break-up with Nash.

Yes, They Broke Up. Here’s Why.

So, Paytas shared an hour-long confirmation on her YouTube Channel blndsundoll4mj why and how she broke up with Jason Nash.

This is a video that could have been made two months ago because we have been broken up for two months. But it feels very fresh as the last time I saw him was..last time I spoke to him was my birthday night and we had a big falling out. He’s chosen the route which most of my exes do they ignore me and I understand completely.

Paytas can be seen crying from the very beginning of the video. She confessed she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing what all went down on her birthday, May 8th. However, she wished it could have been done sooner. She also confirms that she is going to therapy at the moment because it’s hard for her to get over this incident.

Jason is the nicest man i have ever met in my entire life. He has the patience of a saint. He has the love of your father, brother, boyfriend, best friend. All about combining like he made me feel so loved.

No NDA Has Been Signed

Paytas confirms she made the video because she was facing fire on the internet from her followers. They kept tweeting about her accusing her of signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement or that she was facing a lawsuit initially. But, now everyone thinks Jason is happy without her and has moved on with his life; claiming to have seen him on Tinder.

It also makes me so upset with myself that I either held him back or brought him down in any way.

Trisha Paytas says she does not regret making that video that created the whole drama and became the main reason for their break up. In her opinion, the video worked since they stopped making those awful threesome jokes she hated. She confirms that she is very insecure and is still working on these issues.

Jason Nash Initially Wanted To Amend Things Between Them

As Paytas continues with the story, Nash visited her after that video and wanted the things to become better. He wanted to fix the relationship. Paytas regrets hitting David Dobrik and Jason Nash with personal jabs. She is mostly sorry for whatever went down with Nash and their personal relationship.

The last time they hung out together was on February 5, 2019. which also marked their one year anniversary together. Jason Nash cooked pasta for Trisha Paytas in her home that day. She took it as a sign that it is the real deal and she should not jeopardize it.

Everything seemed normal when he left and Paytas was getting ready to attend a party. Right before her make up artist arrived, she got a FaceTime call from Nash. He took down the videos after receiving a backlash from his followers. Afterward, he ended the relationship via FaceTime Call.

Trisha Paytas Had A Panic Attack Post Breakup

Paytas says she never felt that kind of panic in her life before. She admits she mixed pills and alcohol accidentally that night. She passed out and did not remember anything. The accidental overdose of Advil mixed with alcohol could have killed her if it wasn’t for her makeup artist who was luckily there. She was taken to the hospital and her life was saved. Paytas clarifies that this was an accident and that she does not want to die.

Jason Nash visited her in the hospital when she was admitted. She tried to run away after seeing him. However, she was dragged back to her bed by the medics who put a tranquilizer in her. Her condition brought Jason Nash to tears, a person who she claims never cried before.

The Friendzone Period Initiated

After that incident at the hospital, they both stayed friends. They have stopped dating though. Paytas claims she still loves him however he is free to do whatever he feels like doing because he is free from their relationship. It’s over. And she still has nice things to say about him. Here are some of her back-to-back tweets about Jason Nash today before she shared the video:

She wanted to continue being his friend however, he was not willing to do so because she could not stop crying over their relationship.

Now we are officially broken up to the world, to the public, to the YouTube.

A Little History Between Trisha Paytas And Jason Nash

It all started when Trisha Paytas called David Dobrik horrible in a video which she later deleted. She also explained how much Jason Nash hurt her along with David when they made an offensive joke about her. She made a follow-up video where she took back some of the things she said and it seemed as if the whole drama between the three was resolved. A couple of days later, a romantic music video of Paytas and Nash was even released. This was filmed before their relationship had trouble.

After this video, Jason Nash posted one on his channel where it seemed as if the two were talking things out with each other. Interestingly enough, this video was later deleted by him as well.

Surprisingly, both of them have not posted a video with each other after that for a long time. Not only that, but neither of them has been in each other’s Instagram posts or stories either! Until recently when it all changed. Trisha Paytas was apparently missing her ex because she shared a throwback picture with Jason Nash from her last birthday. She shared the picture one day before her 31st birthday. There was no Nash seen in her party this time. Her followers could not take it anymore and they bombarded her with questions.

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