Trisha Paytas and Nikita Dragun in the war zone

So currently there is a serious Twitter spat going between Trisha Paytas and Nikita Dragun. Some of you might not know the actual reason behind it but I am going to break it down for you guys. These two beautiful social media influencers not only gave some weird as hell names to each other. But they also made some comments about pedo/transphobia.

Last Sunday (March 28th), Trisha re-shared a post by Def Noodles in which he clapped back to Nikita’s IG story. The post said, “cancel me as many times as u want… my show is still running”. The “cancellation” that Nikita faced was when she was found not wearing a mask properly and partying during the pandemic. Trisha Paytas has called out other problematic influencers as well. And this time she retweeted a post that called out Nikita for her irresponsible behavior and still being on good terms with s*xual predators like James Charles and the Lopez Brothers.

Details of Nikita Dragun and Trisha Paytas’ Twitter Spat

By now, we all are aware of the fact that both Nikita and Trisha can’t stop calling each other for their respective scandals (both past and current). This current fight started when Trisha re-tweeted Def Noodles post in which Nikita was feeling least bothered by people trying to cancel her.

So as you can see that Trisha only re-tweeted Def Noodle’s post and said only two words “On Snapchat”. Yes, we all know that Trisha was trying to take a dig at Nikita for bragging about her reality series “Nikita Unfiltered”.

Nikita, at first, didn’t respond to Trisha’s tweet for three days. And after that, she responded back to her and twisted the whole thing on the Trans Day Of Visibility. This is wrong on so many levels because Trisha never said a word against the Trans Community or Trans Members.

Trisha, in return, tries to clarify the whole situation by saying she had nothing against the Trans community. She is simply upset with Nikita for protecting the image of P*dophiles and not following the COVID SOPs.

No, their banter didn’t stop here. Trisha kept on talking about Nikita’s irresponsible behavior. And Nikita was just being Nikita as she was busy flexing about her Snapchat reality series.

Yes, you got it, right sisters. This banter has started to turn ugly. Nikita pulled an old tweet in which Trisha was talking about dating someone who was soon to turn 18. But as per Trisha, that tweet was photoshopped. Then Trisha took a dig on Nikita for making Tiktok videos with young boys and being friends with p*dophiles like James Charles.  Charles was found s*xting with minors recently.

Last but not the least, Nikita threw shade at Trisha for being a s*x worker. And Trisha ended the whole war with two powerful tweets.

“You are the company you keep. the minute I denounced evil in my life, it elevated me. She can’t do the same. She’d rather associate with evil for the clout and it shows.”

Trisha further added that it wasn’t nice of Nikita to shame a model who didn’t want to date her. She (Nikita) only paid him to accompany her in public for a limited time period. Trisha further added:

“Nikita Dragun: friends with 3 admitted pedophiles.

Never seen once with a mask the whole pandemic.

Setting back trans equality by weaponizing.”

Nikita also posted a tweet in which she mocked Trisha for being a non-binary person. That post is now deleted from her Twitter account.

Anyways, Nikita needs to take accountability for her actions and for once think about wearing a mask while going out in public. Let us know what you guys think of this Twitter spat between Nikita and Trisha?

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