Trisha Paytas Already Cheating On New Husband With Keemstar?

Many people believe there is some burning chemistry between Trisha Paytas and Drama Alert’s mastermind Keemstar. It does not matter whether Trisha is single, committed, complicated or married to Brad Pitt cutout, she never gives up a chance when it comes to hitting on Daniel M. Keem aka Keemstar. That is why, Trisha is again trying to get back in Keemstar’s hitlist by throwing loose balls. She is ready to cheat on her new husband with Keem.

Latest Between Trisha Paytas & Keemstar

Well, the world knows that Shane Dawson just launched his first makeup collaboration with Jeffree Star. Dawson is a famous YouTuber and probably one of the pioneer YouTubers as well. However, Keemstar could not purchase the collection before it sold out. Shane has a loyal fan following. That is why everyone just jumped to purchase his Conspiracy Collection as soon as it launched and it sold out soon. Hurt by being unable to purchase it on time, Keemstar is now trying to test the waters himself. In fact, he literally posted some tweets saying he is launching his own makeup palette soon. In order to make it sound authentic, Keem asked Trisha if she would review Keemstar Kollection dropping by the end of this month.

And like always, Trisha Paytas cannot give a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

Their Last Twitter Feud On Drug Addiction

A few months back, Trisha Paytas and Keemstar started a Twitter feud when the latter called out the former on her drug addiction. Actually, someone was discussing struggles with drug addiction when Keem commented:

Congrats! Hopefully this gives some inspiration to @trishapaytas!

In response, Trisha Paytas fired back with this Tweet:

@KEEMSTAR is a literal devil bringing up my drug addiction and shit. Ur bullying causes actual death. This isn’t cute. Get ur shit together.

Keem also shared a couple of Trisha Paytas’ Tweet screenshots to confirm she is always flirting with him.

We do not know whether these two will ever stop calling each other out on social media. But we really hope that Trisha Paytas invites Keemstar as a guest on her podcast. They really need to sort their “shit” out.

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