Trisha Paytas Advises People to Join YouTube

Trisha Paytas has advised people who post a lot of Instagram stories to start their own YouTube channel and she seems to not be in a mood for so many snaps.

T he popular YouTuber Trisha Paytas might herself be stuck in a controversy on YouTube. Apparently, she called David Dobrik horrible after he and Jason Nash made an offensive joke about her. But ever since then, she deleted her video and apologized in an attempt to clear things up. Currently, she has been enjoying a self-care break vacationing in Hawaii. But looks like the speculation that she and Jason Nash broke up still remains true because Nash is nowhere to be seen in her vacation pictures.

Despite all the drama she is facing on YouTube, Trisha Paytas has advised people to join the YouTube community. And that’s some food for thought for people who post too many stories on Instagram. It looks like she is really not fond of people who bombard her Instagram with excessive stories of their lives.

Trisha Paytas Not Amused With Too Many Instagram Stories

The YouTuber is not up for watching Instagram stories that look like a long drawn line. In fact, she has a new rule for everyone who posts too much. And it claims that if they have more than 10 Instagram stories per day, Trisha will directly unfollow them. Well, she could also skip through them, but looks like her tolerance is running really low.

But there’s more- Trisha has a new idea for everybody who likes to post like 40 snaps on Instagram stories per day. She claims that they should start their own YouTube channels because at least that way, they can make profit off their content.

And that does seem like a fair idea. Plus, people would not get bored of them posting so much because now their content will assume the shape of a vlog and watchers will know what they signed up for.

Trisha Paytas has a lifestyle oriented YouTube channel blndsundoll4mj  famous for mukbangs, life and relationship advice. With about 4.8 million subscribers, she has has approximately 1.3 billion lifetime views!

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