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Trisha Paytas admits to having dining room chairs made of rabbit fur in deleted clip

Another day, another controversy surrounding Trisha Paytas. In a recent video, they shared the revamped dining room with the fans. According to Paytas, they have dreamed of a Beetlejuice-inspired dining room for a long time. Therefore, Moses made sure to renovate it exactly like that. However, one particular detail of the room made their fans angry. During the video, Moses Hacmon revealed that the chairs have real rabbit fur on them. After the backlash, Paytas instantly edited the video and turned off the comments.

Few days back, Trisha Paytas was bashed for faking spirituality.

In a video last week, they shared all the ways Trisha Paytas have managed to connect with their authentic self. According to them, they have started to do breathing exercises and centering themself every morning. At the same time, Paytas shared that they will post daily affirmations, positivity tips and breathing techniques on My Chemical Imbalance. However, the fans will have to subscribe for a small fee. Shortly after, people started to criticize them and suggested that Trisha Paytas might be faking their spiritual journey. It would not be wrong to say that this year has been a tough one for the YouTuber.

In a recent video, Trisha Paytas revealed that dining room chairs have rabbit fur.

For Halloween this year, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon dressed up as Emily the Corpse Bride and Victor Van Dort from Corpse Bride. While dressed as the characters, the couple shared their new dining room with the followers. According to Paytas, they always wanted a dining room inspired by Tim Burton’s film, Beetlejuice. While talking about the room, Hacmon shared that the table is granite and extremely heavy. At one point, Trisha Paytas talked about the chairs and Hacmon revealed that they have real rabbit fur. When Paytas awkwardly asked if he could say that on camera, he said that he could.

After the video came out, Paytas received heavy backlash.

Although they edited the video and turned the comments off, the video had already gone viral. As expected, people expressed their anger and criticized the couple. According to one user:

Im deeply offended by this. As someone who is not just a bunny owner, but an advocate. As if Trisha hasn’t done enough for me to distance my likings, this is most definitely the nail in the coffin for me (so to speak). Rabbits are incredibly sensitive and intelligent animals. Every animal should be respected, and not used for superficial means. This is beyond disheartening.

Meanwhile, another user suggested that Trisha Paytas should use their own skin on the chairs. According to some people, rich people have no taste and the chairs do not even look good.

On the other hand, one user pointed out that Trisha Paytas have never cared for animals:

I mean did she ever give a shit about animals? Why are we acting surprised…

In short, people were not happy with the YouTuber.

While this is not the first time, and most definitely will not be the last time, it seems that Trisha Paytas has given up on caring about the backlash. Let’s see what new controversy they land themself into.

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