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Trisha Paytas’ 31st Birthday; Shares Throwback Pic With Jason Nash

Trisha Paytas was born on May 8, 1988 which means tomorrow is her 31st birthday. Wow! we gotta admit she does not look 31 at all. Paytas has shared her past 3 years’ birthday looks on her Instagram today and we cannot help but notice Jason Nash in her 30th Birthday throwback pic with an odd look on his face. Well! Turning 31 means officially becoming a grown up. However, can we expect the same from her? Let’s find out through her past posts.

30th Birthday: Here Comes Jason Nash

Since Trisha Paytas was dating Jason Nash last year, he was all over her Instagram during 2018. Obviously he was in the spotlight on her 30th birthday bash.

Back then, she was very much in love with Jason Nash and shared this message on her birthday post:

My goal for this new decade is to make more time to work on my friendships , I often feel so alone and sorry for myself in what I’ve gone through in the past; I don’t focus on the present and the love people in my real life DO show me. Means a lot all these people came out to celebrate with me. More than any of you could ever know. It was a big eye opener for me , that I do have people that sincerely care !!!! WHAT A GREAT NIGHT – first birthday ever to be ALL FUN AND NO DRAMA.

Coming back to the present, the post where Paytas shared her previous birthday looks also has Jason Nash in them. Now she could have shared any other picture from her 30th birthday bash but specifically picking the one with Jason Nash means she still misses him. Was she trying to pass a subliminal message to Nash? Only time will confirm this theory.

Paytas On Her 28th Birthday: Pink Princess

Trisha Paytas was wearing a shockingly bright pink dress on her 28th birthday. She had a princess hairstyle with tiara on her head. As for the looks, she has a beautiful appearance overall. Her make up was on point and hair bun was flawless. We have to admit that was her best birthday look out of the three she shared.

Paytas Orders Big Mama Pizza On Her 29th Birthday

On her 29th Birthday, Paytas shared a 54″x54″ square pizza picture from her hotel room. Big Mamas and Big Papas sponsored the pizza which had the number 29 made prominent through sausages apparently. Paytas loves her food and no one can doubt our Mukbang Queen.

And she looked prettier than the pizza for sure.

Paytas also shared a BFF post dedicated to Shane Dawson. He has been with her throughout the years. Hoping they stay that way forever.

Paytas Says No To Pink Dresses

Most of Trisha Paytas’ Instagram has her dressed in 50 shades of pink. She wore pink to her Big Brother Entrance as well.She has posted the same pic with caption “Camp” today giving an impression that she attended MET Gala.

However, as she turns 31 she says she won’t be wearing any pink dress since she is a grown up now. Which color has she chosen for her 31st birthday? A grown up shade means gray but you never know.

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