Trisha Paytas’ $100,000+ Lamborghini Was Stolen

If any random person hears the whole story of Trisha Paytas’ week so far, they will agree someone has cast a hex on her. This is not the post-Halloween shiz we are talking about. She is facing off with Gabbie Hanna and Gabi Demartino from a couple of days. In fact, she kind-of sued Gabbie Hanna as well. (we are still waiting for an update on that). Moreover, she told everyone, before her Las Vegas marriage stunt with Brad Pitt cut-out, that she is moving to a new house. Basically, Trisha was living in an apartment before that. And finally, she decided to move on in her life and start over by changing her residence. However, you should try avoiding such details when you are sharing it on the public platform and Trisha agrees on it. Because someone literally stole her $100,000+ Lamborghini. That’s not it, she also faced other issues as well.

Someone Tried To Hurt Trisha Paytas Mentally & Financially

That is really someone’s planned job. You will not hurt someone to that extent unless you have personal grudges or grievances against the said person. It means the culprit was trying to hurt Trisha Paytas mentally as well as financially. (No, by the culprit, I am not talking about Gabbie Hanna. That feud happened after Trisha’s car was stolen).  In a recently shared video, Trisha Paytas confirmed her Lamborghini was stolen two weeks back. Do the maths, it matches the time when she was in Vegas for her wedding.

So basically, Trisha’s sister was over at her apartment to help her out with the apartment packing after they returned from Vegas when they found out about the car. Trisha Paytas was leaving the next day for Pensylvania (to shoot for Blood Queens with Gabi?).

Security Issues In The Ex-Penthouse

The video is recorded in her previous penthouse, which is famous for the signature kitchen-floor videos. Trisha Paytas recorded the video while Uhaul packed boxes behind her. (Uhaul FTW). However, she uploaded it just now, after moving to her new place. So, Trisha Paytas spilled some tea on the security of her building. The initial rent was $8000, and there were security guards at both the front and back entrances. However, the rent increased upto $10,000 over the years and they also removed the security guards. As a replacement, they installed the advanced level gates with security card access.

Trisha Paytas liked that building because of the high security. But it was not the same anymore. In fact, a neighbor threatened her and her ex-boyfriend (Sean? Jason Nash? names aren’t quoted). But no one helped her out. She also shared these threat details with the cops when they were visiting her after Lamborghini was stolen. However, the cops said it’s her words against his words. So they cannot really do anything in this matter.

Other Issues In Trisha Paytas’ Penthouse

We have seen this in her recent videos as well, people even mocked her for sharing the ants’ footage. Her apartment had mold, ants, cockroaches and even stuff coming out of her shower. Someone kept stealing her packages as well and Trisha was never reimbursed. Creepy much, someone also tried to open her front door. So, they changed her simple lock-and-key system to a key-code system. And apparently, many cars were stolen at random times from the parking lot.

Trisha Paytas’ Lamborghini & G Wagon Were Targeted

The person smashed Trisha’s pink G Wagon. Whereas; her orange Lamborghini was gone. Trisha confirmed the car price was $150,000 when she bought it. However, the current price is around $100,000. The building security manager did not help her at all when she visited the office with cops to get security footage.

When she reached Pensylvania, a guy DM’ed her that he bought her car. He was scammed into purchasing Trisha Paytas Lamborghini based on some fake documents. However; he was not aware of that.

Towards the end of the video, Trisha Paytas shared many useful security tips to avoid facing such situations. Trisha Paytas thinks the car thief might have stolen the car for money. And probably he was not targeting Trisha. She advised everyone to be safe and ensure their security at all costs. She also bid farewell to David Dobrik and Jason Nash, and the rants she shared on the kitchen floor. Trisha wishes them well in their life.

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