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Trey Songz Once Again Accused For Sexual Assault

American singer, Trey Songz is just piling up cases of women claiming he has sexually assaulted them. A woman earlier this year came out and claimed Trey Songz had assaulted her in 2016. She filed a $20 million lawsuit against him. She alleged that he invited her to a house party where Trey raped her despite her telling him ‘No’. Ariel Mitchell is the lawyer of the accuser who is also representing two other women who have allegedly claimed that Trey Songz has assaulted them. One is the basketball player Dylan Gonzalez. She claimed earlier that Trey r*ped her in Las Vegas. Furthermore, another woman named Aliza came forward exposing Trey Songz for his disgusting and disturbing behavior. And unfortunately, there’s another one but she has a video proof that can get Trey Songz in legal trouble.

Trey Sexual Assault Connecticut Case

This new woman stated that Trey forced her to expose ‘her bikini top b*east’. The woman named Megan Johnson has proof on a tape. According to the letter obtained by TMZ, she was assaulted by Trey in 2013 at an event called Foxwoods Liquid Sundays with Trey Songz in Mashantucket, Connecticut. In the video posted by TMZ, Trey can be seen standing behind Johnson and say obscene words regarding her b*east. According to TMZ, the woman wants him to pay $5 million. For the previous accusers, he has to pay $20 million. The lawyer also notices that woman seems to be laughing but she is embarrassed by his actions and is seeking damages for emotional harm as well.

Netizens also came forward in defense of the woman:

To everyone saying “she’s laughing and smiling” I do that shit when I’m really uncomfortable, that don’t matter, she can be laughing as a defense mechanism and in reality be scared.


“she was smiling and laughing” yeah, probably because she had a nervous reaction. now this humiliating video of her being SA is on the internet and other people are telling HER how she felt, when she’s the only person who can tell you how she actually felt in the moment.


A lot of fans came in defense of the victim and say she was smiling only because of nervousness.

A Letter Sent To Trey

According to TMZ, there is a letter that is sent to Trey Songz regarding his behavior and multiple women coming to forefront for his actions.

I’m sure this letter does not come as a surprise to you, one woman may have been mistaken, but it’s unlikely that 12+ women that have made complaints about you, including our four clients, were also mistaken….Ms. Johnson is certainly not mistaken. Perhaps the enclosed video will refresh your recollection and illustrate the certainty of your negligent and reckless behavior.

The woman is seeking for emotional damage but will drop the case if he pays $5million.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) or visit their website to receive confidential support.

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