Treasure Richards and Dr. Phil Respond to Allegations Made By Her Sister

Treasure Richards and Dr. Phil Respond to Allegations Made By Her Sister

Recently, a strange case on the Dr. Phil show left everyone in a state of shock. A black girl, apparently facing certain mental disorders, appeared on the show only to hurl racial abuses at African-Americans. This 16-year-old teenager, Treasure Richards, appeared on the show alongside her mother. There this ‘trans-racial’ girl refused to accept the fact that she comes from an African-American lineage herself. While her mother claimed that Treasure was suffering from a mental condition, later, Treasure’s sister Nina revealed that the mother-daughter duo set up the entire black girl identity act to bring home some cheap publicity. You can read the whole story here.

Dr. Phil Denies Nina’s Claims Of Fake Drama

After her appearance on the Dr. Phil show, the host and the subject revealed their statements on the issue for the first time. Treasure’s sister had reported that she had broken all ties with her family members after their utterly embarrassing drama on national TV. She had also accused the entire team of the Dr. Phil show of racism.

Dr.Phil, on the most recent episode of his show, denied all allegations of a fake act before his celebrity guest. He mentioned that mental illnesses could take several forms to underpin his views on the entire fiasco further. And people cannot always know if there is something wrong. To Dr. Phil, the case of Treasure Richards is an open one. He said Treasure was suffering from a de facto mental health issue. In addition, he also mentioned that people could not judge Treasure for her condition because she behaves differently before them. He thus rubbished all allegations put forth by Treasure Richards’ sister Nina.

Treasure Richards Posts Another YouTube Video Slamming Haters

Treasure Richards herself, on the other hand, did not deny or verify any claims. She posted a video on her official YouTube channel claiming that she would reveal startling facts about the issue. But, it turned out that the video was merely clickbait. Treasure did not drop any clues or hints about her appearance on the Dr. Phil show. Instead, she exploited the 20-minute-long video to read comments, slam haters, and justify the actions of Adolf Hitler. She revised the idea that she doesn’t believe she is a black girl, rather she expressed that she belongs to a superior race. Moreover, in the 20-minute long video, Treasure Richards further abused practically everyone ‘non-white.’ She even went ahead to justify the actions of the KKK. Hence, if the video gave us anything, it was a somewhat figurative dismissal of all claims that Treasure‘s sister Nina had put forward.

So who knows what the reality is? Is it just a facade to earn fame, or does she believe she’s white? Will it set a precedent for the future for anyone to do this? Let’s see what happens next!

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