Transgender YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous Responds To Trisha Paytas’ Coming Out Video

Trisha Paytas was all over the Twitter and Internet yesterday when she shared her “I’m Transgender” video on YouTube. In fact, the video divided the internet into 2 groups. A very big chunk of the internet was posting against her video. Whereas; very few showed support to her. Well, the issue is, coming out as a transgender is hard and people do not accept it right away. However, the choice of words and the way of delivery can melt many hearts, if used wisely. That’s what drove many people crazy and they reacted in a negative way. Some even kept messaging Trisha Paytas’ transgender friend and a fellow YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous. And it led to Gigi, making a response video for Trisha Paytas.

Trisha Paytas Gets A Response From Her Transgender Friend

Gigi Gorgeous (Giselle Lazzarato) and Trisha Paytas are friends and they know each other for many years. Gigi is a Canadian YouTuber, actress, and socialite. In fact, Gigi also faced some issues when she came out as Transgender Woman in 2013. Since then, she has gone through surgeries and she was even detained from Dubai for being a transgender woman. Probably, the whole history of facing criticism from the haters despite getting support from her followers, led to people wanting Gigi’s response on Trisha’s Video. She, in fact, has responded.

Gigi stated:

I was shocked, I was a little bit offended, I was a lot confused. & I was just flabbergested.

Gigi says in the YouTube culture, it is hard to analyze what is real and what is clickbait. She wanted to stay out of drama but she received 100s of messages. Following this, she watched Trisha’s video herself and she knew why she needed to respond:

First & foremost, it is so hard to come out & say that you are something that is not normal or not traditional. And I respect that courage.

Gigi herself was very confused after watching Trisha’s video so she called her directly. While she was on the call with her, the transgender label was confirmed. Gigi also found out that the video is neither clickbait nor shock value. Trisha Paytas is really a transgender. However, Gigi disagrees with some of the points mentioned in the video.

Gigi Gorgeous Explains What “Being A Transgender” Really Means

Hopefully, Gigi’s video will help Trisha Paytas as well as other people facing the issues and confusion when they are transitioning their gender identity. Gigi faced body dysmorphia when she was transitioning. She says, during that period you think you will be super girly but the reality is different.

Being transgender is who you are, it’s your soul. It is not about how you look.

When Trisha was talking specifically about genitals, discussing how she has hooked up with people who have partially transitioned or some who have fully transitioned, it didn’t sit well with Gigi. Because Gigi says, it gives an impression to transitioning people that their transition will not be complete unless they fix their bodies and go through surgeries. Gigi explains you do not have to go through anything at all. Being transgender means who you really are and how you feel. And it was definitely disrespectful towards the community.

Whatever you have between your legs does not define who you are. You do not need to have sexual reaasignment surgery to be a transgender woman or transgender man. It’s a mindfuck, it’s disgusting and it will eat you alive.

Gigi Gorgeous is the rightful transgender representative. She says if you are dating someone and you come out as transgender then the other person will most likely be annoyed. Dating is harder when you are a transgender, but you will eventually find your true match as Gigi Gorgeous is happily married now.

There’s been 18 transgender women who have been killed this year alone. Throwing the term out “being a transgender” should not be taken lightly. That is not an option that we have. This is a very serious topic at hand.

Gigi also requests people to support and accept a person whenever they come out as a transgender.

Trisha said I am a transgender man. And that is exactly how I will view him.

We Should All Follow Gigi Gorgeous’ Words Of Wisdom

Towards the end of the video, Gigi Gorgeous requests her followers not to spread hate towards Trisha and other confused transitioning people.

Please do not spread hate and direct hate twoards ignorance. We have to educate the ignorant. Everyone’s journey is different and no one has the right to make you feel invalidated if you are just at the beginning of your transition. Please enjoy every single step, it’s not about the end result, it’s about the journey.

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