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Trans Influencers Eden, Jaslene & Joslyn Brutally Assaulted in Hate Crime

Trans Influencers Eden, Jaslene & Joslyn Brutally Robbed & Assaulted in Hate Crime

Even in 2020, there are homophobic and transphobic people that will brutally attack and rob someone just because they are transgender. That’s the harsh reality that Eden the Doll and her friends Joslyn Flawless and Jaslene Whiterose. They were not only beaten and robbed but they were also mocked by their assaulters. The most disturbing thing about this scenario is that there were onlookers that did nothing to stop the hate crime from occurring. And one of the men recorded the whole thing and posted on social media with zero remorse.

Eden the Doll reports everything on her Instagram Stories

She reported everything on her Instagram Stories. She started off sharing the news:

I was robbed, beaten, and jumped in Hollywood tonight. I am alive and OK and will update everyone tomorrow. I was VERY lucky but my friends @jaslenewhiterose and @joslynflawless are really hurt. Please send them love and kind words.

Then she shared the profile of the man that recorded their assault with the caption:

So, this mother f*cker @steveofilms recorded everything. HE MOCKED US, sexualized us, and instigated THE ENTIRE attack. Him and his friends stole from us. Beat us. Laughed at us. Humiliated us. AND had the nerve to post it.

Here’s the profile:

Assaulter Profile

What happened with Jaslene Whiterose, Joslyn Flawless and Eden the Doll

The incident started when Eden the Doll and her friends were waiting on Hollywood Boulevard waiting for their Uber to get there. During their wait, a group of transphobic men came and attacked them. First, they just stole Eden’s phone. As she tried to get the phone back, some of them actually threw rocks at Joslyn Flawless and even stole her bag. During this, Joslyn falls to the ground in absolute pain because she just recently underwent hip surgery. The men laugh at Joslyn’s pain.  While this is happening, the men are also chasing them down in cars.

That’s not all. The horrific assault gets worse as they also throw a whole scooter at Jaslene Whiterose. And then another man bashes Jaslene’s head open. This leaves her laying on the side of the road, completely unconscious. When Eden the Doll is begging the men to call for help and an ambulance, they simply mock the incident and joke that Jaslene’s dead.

Eden the doll pens her traumatic experience:

“They mock me as I cry for help. This is the scariest moment of my life. I hear sirens and pray that we finally get saved. The cops stopped, looked and kept driving… my heart sank I thought this was it.”

The trans influencer further explained that no one helped them while they were begging for help:

  “More people kept walking past us. No one is stopping no one is helping no matter how much I begged.”

Jaslene Whiterose also shares how she felt after the incident:

“This was the most traumatic thing that ever happened to me. Not just the fact that I was hit by a grown man, but because there were so many men watching this happen to me and my friends. And we begged for someone to call the police, but they were too busy recording and laughing.”

Eden the Doll Onlookers

Then Eden the Doll further emphasizes on how people often neglect to realize how trans lives are in danger as well:

“People preach black lives matter and want equality for all but this is how they treat BLACK TRANS WOMEN. If their lives don’t matter, then none of ours do!!!!!

Joslyn Flawless also put the video of the attack on her Instagram account and urged everyone to help them find the criminals:

Scariest moment of my life. This is where i was while @edenthedoll and @jaslenewhiterose were crying for help. He held a crow bar to my face and threatened to kill me unless I str*pped my shoes off and gave him my jewelry and all my processions.

Then Joslyn shared that the men threatened to kill her if she was trans:

He said if i was trans he would kill me. He then forced me to hold his hand while he looks for my friends to kill them for being trans. Meanwhile, men and WOMEN screaming that I’m a man and telling him to beat me. Please help us find them. PLEASE.

How you can help them out

Eden has also shared how people can help them get the justice they deserve.


Eden also put up a post of her friend Zhavia Ward who captured the screenshots identifying the men:

Assaulters Eden the Doll

Further, there have been these men identified so far. One is the one who recorded the entire thing and put it on his Instagram, Steveofilms.

And another one is the one who threw the scooter as Jaslene Whiterose:

Jaslene White Ross Assault

The Trans influencer is urging everyone to report this account so that the process is sped up. If you have any information regarding the incident, please report it to the authorities so Eden the Doll, Jaslene Whiterose and Joslyne Flawless get justice.

There is currently an investigation going on in the LAPD.

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