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Tony Lopez says his girlfriend likes to call him ‘Daddy’ amid pregnancy rumors

Well, Tony Lopez just clarified his recent tweet about the Father’s Day which sparked pregnancy rumors. The first tweet struck as a shock to a lot of people. And before we dive into further details of this tweet, I would like to give you all an insight into why Tony Lopez was not active on social media in the past year.

As we all know that most of the Tiktok influencers have a young fan base. And so did both of the Lopez brothers. But, Tony Lopez was caught under fire for allegedly grooming underage girls. He denied all the se*ual accusations made against him. And apologized to his fans for hurting their sentiments. After that, he took a social media hiatus, during which he got to know more about this Canadian TikToker Sarah Jade Bleau.

It all started when Sarah Jade posted a video on her Tiktok and Tony commented under it with ‘see you soon’. And then a couple of days later Tony posted a video in which he was at the airport to pickup Sarah. These two were spotted together by the Paparazzi a couple of times, but always denied the dating rumors. So their relationship status seemed like a huge blank to a lot of people. But deep down everybody had this feeling that both Tony and Sarah are madly in love with each other.

Tony Lopez Reportedly Married Girlfriend Sarah Jade Bleau

So now we all know that both Tony and Sarah started hanging out with each other last year in October. But since then they have been denying all of the dating rumors. But this year in March, Def Noodles shared a document by a source named “@haleyill”.

We don’t really know if this document in the shape of marriage license is authentic or not. As both Tony and Sarah have not passed any comments on it. But if you take a closer look at the document, it appears that the couple rumoredly got married this year in March. And since then they have been living together.

Tony Lopez Just Wished Himself A Very Happy Father’s Day And Sarah Jade Bleau Responded To It

Oh well! This news took the internet by storm. As we all know that everyone was wishing their fathers on the Father’s Day. And a lot of people wished their moms, siblings and relatives who played the role of a father in their lives. Among all the tweets, we found Tony Lopez’ Father’s Day tweet very surprising and shocking.

As per the tweet, Tony just wishes himself a very Happy Father’s Day. And his girlfriend Sarah Jade re-tweeted it and captioned it as ‘Happy Father’s Day Baby’. And after this tweet, everybody started speculating that Tony is going to be a father very soon.

Tony Lopez Address The Father’s Day Misunderstanding On Twitter

Alright guys, here comes the final bomb. A couple of hours ago Tony Lopez addressed the Father’s Day misunderstanding in a tweet. And I don’t really know how to respond towards it. So we all know that Tony wished himself a very happy Father’s Day on Twitter. And his girlfriend Sarah responded to his tweet with, “Happy father’s day baby”. And then all the fans and drama channels started highlighting this news. A lot of people congratulated the couple, while some of them showed anger because of Tony’s past.

Tony Lopez Address The Misunderstanding Tony Lopez

And then Tony dropped a huge bomb in reference to the previous tweet and said that his girlfriend likes to call him Daddy occasionally. Umm, *awkward silence*. But thanks to Tony for clarifying the whole Father’s Day misunderstanding and explaining that he and Sarah are not having a baby. Anyways, that’s it for today guys. Tony might be dropping his debut song very soon. And we can’t wait to hear it.

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