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Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau Relationship Update!

Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau Relationship Update!

So it’s been a few days since Tony Lopez went to the airport to pick someone really really special. And by now I guess all of us know this special person is none other than Sarah Jade Bleau. She is a kicka*s TikTok content creator who is really famous for her slow-mo and robotic dance moves. I guess we would have never thought in a million years that some love flames would be sparking between Tony and Sarah. But a lot of fans started pointing it out when Sarah made a TikTok video on Ondreaz’ ‘No Baila’ and tagged both the Lopez brothers in the description section.

Then a few weeks later, Tony made a duet with Sarah and appreciated her amazing dance moves. Now let’s fast forward everything to how fans figured it out that something is going on between Tony and Sarah. Well, Sarah posted a video on the 10th of October and Tony left a comment under it and said ‘see you soon’. And this is how they made their first appearance in the TikTok room. Tony even went to the airport to pick her up. Umm, and they might be one of the next cutest TikTok couples in making because their relationship is definitely progressing.

Things are progressing between Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau

So, we all know that Tony’s big brother Ondreaz’s relationship status with Hannah Stocking kind of changed really quickly. It all started with a kiss in a TikTok video. And after that, their relationship has taken a 360 degrees turn and they pretended to propose to each other as well.

Tony is planning to take things really slow unlike his big brother and we really appreciate it. Both Sarah and Tony have made a bunch of videos together on TikTok (since Sarah’s arrival at the Triller House). But they didn’t drop any ‘Love Signs/Signals’ for their fans until someone from the Triller House posted a video in which Tony is appreciating Sarah’s dance moves.

Oh wait, we have a lot of other stuff too which kind of shows that something is definitely going on between Tony and Sarah.


This was our 50th try lol @sjbleau

♬ What You Know Bout Love – Pop Smoke

Alright, so Tony posted this video on Tuesday and if you have been following him and Sarah’s TikTok videos religiously, you will know that this one is quite different from the others. And the way Sarah is holding Tony just melted my heart like molten lava.

Oh no, we are not done yet. And the next video is definitely going to give you fits of laughter. Tony also left a comment on this video.

“Why you gotta do me like that…”

I am loving this trend a little too much. Because of some pretty obvious reasons (hehe). Sadly I couldn’t get my hands on Tony’s recent Instagram story but he talked about finding happiness in little things.

Tony Lopez

Last but not the least, Tony posted this picture from his new bedroom at the Triller Compound. And Sarah left a black heart emoji under it. But there is one weird thing about this post, and no, it’s not the heart emoji. Tony deleted this post from his Instagram or probably archived it. But we can’t really figure out why he would do that.

It could be because a lot of people are coming after Sarah because of what Tony has done in the past. Tony is facing allegations of child grooming and texting underage girls.

Titokroom also shared some comments by Tony on their Instagram page. So I guess we will be hearing his side of the story regarding the se*ual harassment allegations soon.

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