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Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau get Halloween nail art

Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau get Halloween nail art

So by now a lot of people think that Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau are clearly a thing. Because both of them have been dropping a lot of hints lately. Some of the fans even think that both Sarah and Tony have met before, while others think that they had a long-distance friendship. Which clearly turned into a relationship upon Sarah’s arrival in L.A. Though her fans were totally unaware of the fact that she is going to join the Triller Compound. But they are really happy for her.

Sarah made a duet with the Lopez Brothers in April. And after that Tony has commented on a couple of Sarah’s Tiktok videos. But nobody gave much attention to it until Tony posted a ‘see you soon’ comment on one of Sarah’s Tiktok videos. Tony even posted a video of Sarah coming out of the Airport and making her way towards his car. And since then they have made a bunch of videos together.

But Tony is trying to keep a low profile because of some obvious reasons and we hope that he can solve this whole matter once and for all. Anyways, a couple of days ago Tony and Sarah were spotted having dinner with friends in West Hollywood. And three days ago they were seen with their Triller compound friends having some Jet Ski fun.

Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau get Halloween nail art

Omg!! Aren’t these two totally adorable? Tony just posted a video on his TikTok which seems more like a manicure/nail art date. So Sarah’s Halloween nail art was definitely inspired by the movie ‘Scream’. And Tony’s nail art is inspired by some horror movie with lots of bats.



♬ Tiptoe Through the Tulips Type Beat – Ne Skazhu

Oh, they took inspiration for their Halloween getup from the modern-day ‘Grease’. And also went on a mini trip to Nevada with friends.

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Grease <3

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I am loving their all-black dress code. What do you guys think about their Halloween getup? Let us know in the comments down below.