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Timeline Of Sway House Members | Who Left And Who's Still There

Timeline of Sway House members | Who left and Who’s still there

Is Sway House over? Are the boys still friends? These are the questions all of their fans have in their minds. Will we ever know the truth?

In order to give them better opportunities, talented managers came up with a brilliant idea. Henceforth, we got to see Hype and Sway House. These collective houses had one purpose and that was making quality content for the followers. Although the Sway House consisted of only boys, there was never a lack of drama and feuds within. So much so, that the house had to see their beloved boys leave. However, not all Sway boys have parted ways.

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What is Sway House?

Although Bryce Hall likes to take credit for it, Sway House was founded by Michael Gruen of TalentX. It was founded in January 2020, right before the pandemic hit the world. According to Gruen:

The guys in the house have been best friends for quite some time. Most of them went on tour last summer together, so this group was easy to assemble.

From the beginning, the collective house had one purpose only. they had to create TikTok and YouTube videos that would go viral overnight. At the same time, Sway House had to make sure that its content gets better viewership than Hype House. Therefore, the boys moved into the Bel Air mansion which was to be their home.

Who was in the Sway House?

While their rival house had diverse members, Sway House consists solely of boys. The members of this house are Bryce Hall, Noah Beck, Josh Richards, Anthony Reeves, Kio Cyr, Blake Gray, Jaden Hossler, Griffin Johnson, and Quinton Griggs. If you look at their collective followers of Sway boys, the number goes up to a billion. This shows the power of social media influence.

Contrary to their rival house, the boys kept themselves low-key and hush-hush in the beginning. So much so, that many people thought of them as trolls of Hype House. However, they emerged to be a solid content house within four months. Before they started making content for Sway, many members had already established themselves on and Vine. According to Gruen, the boys are set to change the perception of social media stars. At the same time, he referred to Sway as a lifestyle and a mission.

Despite the success, the boys could not hold the house together

After just a few months of inception, cracks started emerging within the group. In May 2020, Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler got arrested for the possession of drugs while they were on a trip. This led to Josh Richards and Hossler taking a hiatus from the group. After just a month, news came out that the boys had made life hell for their neighbors. Not only were there complaints of noise due to their excessive partying, but they were also accused of leaving tons of trash outside. At the same time, there was plenty of relationship drama. Bryce Hall and Addison Rae’s on-again, off-again relationship sent everyone spiraling. On the other hand, Josh and Jaden had to say goodbye to their friendship when Jaden started dating Nessa Barrett (Josh’s ex-girlfriend). Similarly, Griffin Johnson and Noah Beck had their own differences because of Dixie D’Amelio. (Noah started dating Dixie after Griffin and Dixie broke up).

Who left the Sway House and who is still there?

Jaden Hossler

After his arrest, Hossler decided to take a break from Sway House. In a tweet, he explained that he was taking a hiatus from the house. However, things further got ugly when he started dating Richard’s ex-girlfriend, Nessa Barrett. Due to this relationship, Hossler and Richards became estranged and broke all contact. Now he focuses on making music and released his first music album, Tell Me About Tomorrow.

sddefault Sway House

Josh Richards

Along with Hossler, Richards also took a hiatus from Sway House. In a tweet, he wrote:

I would first like to express how important you guys are to me, you’ve all given me so much to be blessed for & a life that I’ve always dreamed of. With that, I have decided to focus on furthering my projects & ventures in the entrepreneurial, music, social media, and artistic industry. Jaden & I have decided to go on a hiatus from Sway. Love you all, and will always love my sway family.

Now he is the chief strategy officer for Triller, a rival of TikTok. At the same time, Richards co-hosts the BFFs podcast.

Griffin Johnson

Few months after Richards and Hossler, Johnson also left the house. At the time, he said that he is leaving to join SwayGaming. While explaining the reason for his departure, Johnson said:

“I’m going more into the entrepreneur-acting route. So you have to have a really clean image for that. You can’t be doing crazy things on the internet. For me, it wasn’t a personal thing. It was just the fact that I have different goals, and I believe in the boys, and I know that they’ll be successful in their own paths.”

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Kio Cyr and Quinton Griggs

When Johnson left Sway House, he took Kio Cyr and Quinton Griggs with him. All three boys moved to a new house together. Earlier this year, Griggs caused quite a stir when he said:

Sway just isn’t, like, a thing anymore. Like, we’re all boys. We all love each other. We’re all brothers, but, like, there’s no real Sway.

Both TikTokers are making content individually on their personal accounts.

Sway House

Noah Beck

After Johnson and Dixie D’Amelio broke up, she started dating Noah Beck. However, he is still friends with Johnson. Earlier this year, beck left Sway House to focus on his modeling career. Despite leaving the house, Beck has only good things to say about his former housemates. In an interview, he said:

While we don’t all live together in a house anymore, we’re all still Sway boys at heart. We all are just off doing our own things and like, we still create content together and we still have business ventures together and all that stuff. But at the end of the day, it’s just a friendship — us moving out doesn’t mean it’s over.

Recently, Beck graced the pages of GQ and officially became an A-lister.

Blake Gray

When Noah Beck left the house, Blake Gray also joined him. According to Bryce Hall, they both were looking for a place together. Just like Beck, Gray is also focusing on his modeling career and works for a Houston-based clothing brand.

Lastly, Bryce Hall

Earlier this month, Hall made headlines when he announced his departure from Sway House. At the time he left, almost all the members had already moved out. However, he claims that it was actually his departure that really ended the Sway House. As expected, Hall had a lot to say about his former housemates and created a lot of drama. According to him, he has no friends left and needed a group that would work as hard as himself. He also accused them of bailing on him and looking for houses without telling him. Similarly, Hall claimed that he will not be talking to any of the Sway House boys. The biggest shock came when he announced that he will be joining Hype House. However, no official statement was made by Hype House.

Sway House

After just a few days of his departure, Bryce Hall uploaded several TikTok videos where he was seen hanging out with Josh Richards, Blake Gray, and Griffin Johnson. Despite this mini-reunion, there is no statement issued by Sway House. Whether they are rebranding the house or just hanging out like old friends, no one knows.

The confusion surrounding Sway House is growing day by day. While some days they’re bashing each other, they’re seen having fun together with the next. Only time will tell if Sway House is actually over or just taking a break.

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