TikToker Vinnie Hacker addresses claims of using a racial slur on stream

TikToker Vinnie Hacker addresses claims of using a racial slur on stream

Rumors were that Vinnie Hacker used a racial slur in his live stream but he denied the claim saying he merely repeated a fan's name and not a slur.

TikToker Vinnie Hacker was accused of using a racial slur on-stream live on Twitch, but he denied doing any such thing. Some people said that he used the N-word during a stream but he said that it’s not true. In his defense, he said he merely repeated a fan’s name.

People accused Vinnie of using a racial slur on a live stream. Some people said that he said the N-word during a gaming session on the live streaming platform Twitch but he denied the claim. He responded to a tweet that is now deleted and said that he was thanking a subscriber called Nikki in the clip that was shared online. In the tweet, he wrote:

That was me thanking for a sub and I said the name fast bro?

Vinnie Hacker addressed claims of using a racial slur

TikToker Vinnie Hacker addresses claims of using a racial slur on stream

Vinnie is very offended by people’s claims. He was frustrated that someone just assumed that he said a racial slur while he was just saying a fan’s name. Hacker tweeted on the 14 of July and said that he can’t even catch a f***ing break. He sounded pretty mad in his tweet and rightfully so because allegations like these can ruin a man’s career and life. He also had an answer for the people who just tell him to ‘ignore it’. Hacker asked those people to shut up and let him live his life. Vinnie also said that it’s starting to feel like everyone is against me.

I can’t ever catch a f***ing break. something new every f***ing week. “just ignore it” shut up. just shut up please for the love of god and let me live life. every time it’s “but it’s not everyone that is against you” well it’s starting to f***ing feel like it. His exact words were

He also added another tweet, in which he wrote:

today. today out of all days. and every time y’all are proven wrong. f*** everything

What do people have to say about this?

Despite the outrage, many fans in his comment section were surprisingly very supportive. They told him that he did nothing wrong and addressed the situation as well:


Some people, however, weren’t quite convinced that Vinnie was feeling this way so he asked him if he said the word or not:


Vinnie also posted a video of him during the live stream and on the video, it was written ‘so there’s a video of Vinnie supposedly saying the N-word going around but he didn’t. Here’s the proof’. We are assuming that a fan made this video on TikTok. Vinnie posted the video on his Twitter and wrote in the caption ‘btw’. By doing so, he has clarified the situation as best as he could.

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