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TikTok Star Zoe LaVerne Kisses Underage Fan and her mother defends her

TikTok Star Zoe LaVerne Kisses Underage Fan and her mother defends her

Zoe LaVerne is under fire for kissing an underage fan. And to make matters much complicated, Zoe’s mother is defending her. The influencer got her fame from the app which later transformed into TikTok. She’s been in the news for saying hurtful things about Charli D’Amelio in the past. But this time, Zoe LaVerne’s scandal is something highly controversial.

Zoe LaVerne is kissing her underage fan in a viral video

At the time when this video was shot, Zoe LaVerne was 19-years-old. Meanwhile, the fan she is kissing is just 13 years of age. Meanwhile, her mother is defending Zoe’s actions by stating that they’re just ‘best friends’.

Zoe LaVerne’s mother is also asking everyone that’s calling out Zoe’s actions to ‘stop’:

Anybody can reach over and kiss somebody. They’re best friends. And this needs to stop, you guys. Why are you doing this?

Unfortunately, this seems to only put more evidence to the accusations of child grooming against Zoe LaVerne.

Recently, a former fan of Zoe LaVerne shared more information about her kissing the 13-year-old fan. The fan’s name is Connor and appears regularly on Zoe’s TikTok videos.

OML Zoe I can’t I’m just speechless I still feel love for you but what did you do hunny you litterly groomed Connor and you insulted cody I was honestly a Stan and support you but this is too much yes we all make mistakes but this is too much okay.#zoelaverne #linked

Zoe’s former friends and fans expose her child grooming

This fan further shared the alleged text conversations of Zoe’s former friend, Amber Van Pelt,  and Zoe’s ex-boyfriend Cody Orlove.
Text Zoe Laverne Amber Cody
Zoe LaVerne Grooming Connor

In the text conversation, we can see that both are mutually agreeing that Zoe LaVerne is abusing and manipulating her fan, Connor.

Amber mentions this in the line:

Now that I left Zoe, she has both her parents thinking I’m some horrible person that just did her so dirty. All while Zoe is 19, by law engaging in pedophilia with a 13 year old. Which is the only reason I left.

While Amber and Cody were both airing out their frustrations over Zoe with each other, the main reason both seem to have left is how she is abusing an underage fan.

Amber also mentions that Connor can’t understand what’s happening to him right now because he’s just a child. Amber says that years later, he will look back at his interactions with Zoe and will see things differently.

Where I’m most worried about is Connor. Because right now he won’t understand because he’s so young, but ten years from now he’s going to look back and say to himself “I was raped” or “I was molested” because in all honesty, that’s what it is.

Zoe LaVerne hasn’t made any response yet

The influencer has not been active on her Twitter account since August 25th, 2020:

zoe laverne latest tweet

And she has not posted any videos on her TikTok platform for a couple of days. She also seems to have deactivated her Instagram account just recently.

Her latest TikTok video was actually a duet with the same fan who people are accusing her of grooming and engaging in inappropriate relations with:

@zoelaverne##duet with @zoelaverne we back♬ Wet Shoota – sound remixes

There was also an online petition to get her banned from TikTok because people were claiming that in some videos she was using the n-word. The disclaimer for the petition is:

“She’s a bad influence to her fans. She cheated on her boyfriend a couple times with many different guys she vapes and tells her fans to do it. She says mean things like the N-word and she tells people to kill themselves. If you don’t believe me a search it up there’s many videos of her vaping saying the N-word and cheating on Cody Orlove.”

Let’s see and hope there’s a proper investigation into the matter and that Connor distances himself from Zoe LaVerne.

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