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TikTok Girl Licks Toilet For Clout Calling It CoronaVirus Challenge

Amidst the CoronaVirus Pandemic that has taken the world by storm, many of the famous clout chasers have closed themselves in the house. Many countries are thinking of a complete lock-down for a couple of weeks. They are hoping to control the viral infection before it spreads further. Moreover, celebrities, influencers, and internet personalities are also playing an important role in spreading awareness through their social media platforms. However, one particular self-proclaimed clout chaser has crossed the limit. Slightly famous for her Logan Paul/Mike Majlak scandal, the TikToker Ava Louise could not get the required clout by defaming Impaulsive hosts. Therefore, what she did next was truly horrendous.

TikTok Girl, Ava Louise, Licked Toilet For Clout

CoronaVirus is one keyword that is going to stay at the top of the trending topics for a few weeks. Sensing the same thing, and also sensing the increased traffic on TikTok now that almost everyone is in Quarantine mode, Ava Louise did the worst thing imaginable. She licked a toilet seat in an airplane and posted it on her TikTok handle.

Ava Louise has 24.6K followers and 326.2 likes on her TikTok channel. The particular CoronaVirus Challenge TikTok is not on her account anymore. However, people were quick to download it and share it with others.

She even posted the same video on her Twitter account as well.

Following the TikTok, she posted a video on her YouTube channel. The main purpose was to explain why she licked the toilet seat. The language in the video is filled with adult words and profanity, something to be kept away from kids.

In short, she said she was hoping to get CoronaVirus so that she wouldn’t get old and die ugly. (That’s her words). She also said:

I’m so glad that coronavirus is taking out all the old people.

Since Ava Louise wanted clout, she is getting all the clout from the media after the toilet-licking video went viral. She has also been featured on the Dr. Phil show twice.

Ava Louise even tried clarifying, after going viral, that she bleached the toilet seat before licking it.

But she is still trolling CoronaVirus and mocking the immunocompromised persons.

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